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Ojibway Indians of New York

In New York, the Ojibway Tribe controlled a vast area of land. We know non Algonquian Tribes lived there in the early 16th century. Dutch and French explorers knew about them and wrote about their contact with them. We know the prophecy weary Chippewa's forced their way east to fight the invading whites. In the late 16th and early 17th century, other white explorers returned to the Quebec-New York region and knew the original people who lived there had either been driven out or brought under Ojibway control. Ojibway settlers were sent to New York by ogima sagima in the 16th century. Ojibway Indians of New York can trace their origins to ogima sagima. They first settled along the St. Lawrence River Valley then forced their way south to New York. Even to the Long Island region of New York. Any Indian Nations that caused trouble or sided with whites, were exterminated or subjugated. Ojibway Indians of New York are known as Iroquois. Their correct Ojibway name is As-sin-na Ka. Whites shortened it to Seneca. Assina Ka possibly means "They are Stonies." If that's what it means, it means they are "A-sin-na Bwaan." Whites pronounce it as "Assiniboine." It means "Rocky or Stony Ojibwas." Notice the "bwas" in it. The word for before, genuine and original in Ojibwa is "bwa." Adding an Ojibway "n" plural makes it "bwaan." So "O Chi Bwaan" means "The Great Originals" and "A-sin-na Bwaan" means "Rocky or Stony Originals." Their way of claiming to be "Strong." Today, they can't claim that any longer! They are weak! The Ojibway Indians of New York will not follow prophecy because they are weak! Instead of claiming to be Ojibway, they claim to be non Algonquian. They are a lost cause!

Allegany Indian Reservation (Seneca)

Cattaraugus Reservation (Seneca)

Oil Springs Reservation (Seneca)

Onondaga Reservation (Seneca)

Poospatuck Reservation (Seneca)

Tonawanda Reservation (Seneca)

Shinnecock Reservation (Seneca)

Hudson River Band (Seneca)

Montauk Indian Nation (Seneca)

Montaukett Tribe of Long Island (Seneca)

Unkechague Poosepatuck Seneca Tribe (State recognized)

Western Mohegan Tribe & Nation of New York (Seneca)

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