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Ojibway Indians of North Dakota

For some reason North Dakota has little evidence of an Ojibway population living throughout the State before whites invaded. Montana has far more evidence of a large Ojibway population. I'm referring to Indian Reservations of Montana and also in locations in Montana you would think Anishinabe People did not live at which is southwest Montana. The Ojibway Indians of North Dakota are most numerous at Turtle Mountain Reservation. However, Ojibway Indians of North Dakota owned all of North Dakota. Father Belcourt wrote in 1849, that Pembina Chippewa District extended from Minnesota, over 500 miles west and about 500 miles south from Pembina, North Dakota. That means Ojibway People controlled both North Dakota and South Dakota. Spirit Lake Reservation is an Ojibway Reservation. However, only about 10% of it's population is claiming to be Ojibway. Similar to Fort Peck Reservation and Blackfeet Reservation. Chief Little Shell III was native to that region. His grandfather lived there. Chief Red Bear claimed it as his land! Below is a list of Ojibway Indians of North Dakota and their Reservations.

Little Shell Band of North Dakota

Spirit Lake Reservation (Graham Island Land Allotment)

Turtle Mountain Reservation

Size is 149,120 acres or 233 sq. mi. Nearly half is in Montana and some in South Dakota. Citizens of Turtle Mountain Reservation were giving land allotments over 100 years ago which total 399,818 acres. These land allotments are very important to the present day citizens of Turtle Mountain Reservation. However, they are being fooled by whites.

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