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Papago Indians

They are really Chippewa. The Tohono O'odham Papago Reservation was set aside in 1916-1917 for the Chippewa's from Montana. In 1916, the United States reduced (they did not establish Rocky Boy Reservation) from 1,000 sq. mi. to less than 100 sq. mi. They also forced 1,000s of Montana Chippewa's living throughout their original Blackfeet Reservation, to relocate to Arizona. Originally, Rocky Boy Reservation was known as Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation. Below is a map of the original Rocky Boy Reservation. It is from the late 19th century. After ogima (chief) Rocky Boy died in early 1916, the United States commenced to corrupt the Chippewa's Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation. Not all Chippewa's were transported by train to Arizona. Many remained in Montana. They are descended from the Chippewa's led by ogima Rocky Boy. Also in 1916-1917, many Montana Chippewa's were relocated to the Cocopah Reservation of Arizona and California. A few refused to live on that Reservation. In 1901 or 1902, around 2,000 Kickappo Chippewa's lived in southeastern Arizona. They originally lived on the Chiricahua Reservation. To keep them out of the Mexican Civil War, the United States created a large Reservation in southern Arizona in 1909. In 1916-1917, the United States fragmented the large Reservation into the Ak-China, Gila Bend, Gila River, Maricopa, Papago, and San Xavier Reservations. President Wilson signed executive order No. 2711 which established the Chippewa's Cocopah Reservation which is very near the Yuma Reservation. Does Co-co-pah look similar to Pa-pa-go?

Papago Reservation

Covers 4,342 sq. mi.

Population is 8,730

Language is Algonquin Chippewa

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