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Ojibway People of Peace River

There are a series of Ojibway Reserves along Peace River which is located in northern Alberta and northern British Columbia. Those belonging to Ojibway People include Dene Tha', Duncan, East Moberly Lake, Halfway River, Little Red River, Loon River, Tallcree, West Moberly Lake and Woodland Cree. Whites are fooling you about Cree People. They are really from Ojibway Nation's Odawah Totem. They caused Ojibway Nation much trouble or constant civil war. Ojibway Soldiers drove them to Alberta and British Columbia. They are really Athabascan Ojibway's whites have named the Beaver Tribe. We will not include them. East Moberly Lake, Halfway River and West Moberly Lake are known as Hudson Hope Band. Only East Moberly Lake and Tallcree are clinging to their Ojibway Nationality. Tallcree claims Anishinabe ancestry. They know they originally lived in Montana and were led to Canada by chief Sitting Bull. Dene Tha' are Chipewyan Ojibway's or Athabascan Ojibway's. They are also known as Slavey. They received that name because they forced many Odawah or Cree Ojibway's into slavery. Nearly all land around Peace River is woodlands. There are areas where extensive farmland is located however. At Moberly Lake the land is mountainous. These Peace River Ojibway's controlled land all the way to Williston Lake. In the region between Peace River and what is now Northwest Territories, Ojibway's dealt with Odawah Traitors and were very brutal to them. They often captured them and made slaves out of them. Ojibway leaders didn't want anything to do with them. They refused to allow them to live on their Reserves. However, in some cases, Canada forced them to allow Cree People to live on their Reserves. White leaders were constantly trying to stop their constant civil wars. The Odawah or Cree, were so stupid they didn't know they received disease infected trade items. Ojibway leaders had many reasons to avoid them. One way was by enslaving them. They knew they had to use extreme caution.

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