Anishinabe History

Ojibway People Must Make Their Decision Now To Accept Survival Or Extermination

This is about Seven Fires Prophecy which gives Ojibway People a warning they will be Exterminated (destroyed) if they don't take action. As it was 500 years ago, there is no difference at this time. We are at that time when it is Mandatory for Ojibway People to take action. All Indian Reservations and Reserves are Ojibway. Thus, it is predicted there will be a Rebirth of an Ojibway Nation. However, i can tell you with 100% confidence, that white leaders don't want nothing to do with you. Or Ojibway People will not follow prophecy is a better way of putting it. We have already responded. What i don't know is, what it's like far in a future era. I know I'm not there. Non whites in that future era, are doing things for me. Whites violated Seven Fires Prophecy. There are 8 predictions. There are not 7 predictions. It's real title is Eight Stopping Places Prophecy. They were told to search for a Flathead Shaped Mountain. They were not told to search for a Turtle Shaped Island. There are too many Turtle Shaped Islands. We know where that Flathead Shaped Mountain is located. That be a few miles west of Great Falls, Montana. Those seven other stopping places are Sulphur Springs, Grand Falls, Crooked Falls (aka Horseshoe Falls), Rainbow Falls, Colter Falls (it's submerged behind Rainbow Falls Dam Reservoir), Giant Springs and Black Eagle Falls. You are to move to this location or be Exterminated (destroyed). It's obvious Ojibway People did not follow prophecy at this time which means they have been Exterminated.

Chief Rocky Boy prepared our way. His Reservation is located a couple of miles south of Great Falls and quite large. It's name is Flathead Mountain Reservation. If you want to reach an afterlife, you have to move here. We have to deal with a bogus Little Shell Tribe trying to pass for chief Rocky Boy's Tribe of Chippewa Indians. They are trying to fool you. We have been warned by prophecy, that whites will try and fool Ojibway People. White media and white religions, are their main tools to fool Ojibway People and all other non whites.

To live again or reach an afterlife, you must become a citizen of chief Rocky Boy's Flathead Mountain Reservation. You also must be an Atheist (neutral) or follower of Chairman Mao who is Christ Our Savior. He stopped whites from taking over all of earth. If you are a Christian or Muslim, you will not be accepted because you are anti-Christ or anti-Savior. You don't want to be saved. Whites are fooling you. Blacks and Mexicans, agreed long ago to assimilate into white society where they will disappear over time. Other non whites are being used by white leaders, that will reject them, as they will reject Blacks and Mexicans. They have accepted their fate.

To become a citizen of chief Rocky Boy's Flathead Mountain Reservation, send an email with your name and address. Contact. An Ojibway surname will be provided to you for a citizenship identification. You also must move to chief Rocky Boy's Flathead Mountain Reservation. If you don't, we will not accept you. I already know it didn't happen. Since all Indian Reservations and Reserves in Canada and United States, are in fact Ojibway, you are welcome. If you have plenty of money, it will be very important to donate that money so we can establish an office, hire lawyers, initiate greenhouse farms and villages, ect. We will follow procedure and attempt to gain Federal Recognition. We already know white leaders will not recognize our nation. Sad thing is, we have proof. Leaders of Reservations and Reserves in Canada and United States, will not do anything. It they do anything, it will be to help white leaders. World leaders must now prepare in greater depth, survival means, if those catastrophes mentioned in Eight Stopping Places Prophecy (aka Seven Fires Prophecy) and Revelation, increase with greater deadliness. We are at that time. Be very cautious of white leaders. We have been warned about them. Non whites in these America's and Pacific Ocean Islands, have been Exterminated. China can have their land.

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Seminole Indians

Historians are adamant that the Florida and Oklahoma Seminole Indians people originated back east, in the Georgia area. With the land hunger of the Americans in the late 1820s multiplying enormously, it led to the Americans supposedly demanding for the removal of all Native American Nations east of the Mississippi river, to a location west of the Mississippi river. That is fine with them but we have the Seven Fires Prophecy to deal with first. It was the Seven Fires Prophecy which led Anishinabe ogimak (leaders) to force their people to pack their belongings to leave for new lands towards the west. That location is present day Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas, and then Mexicio.

The Yuchi

After a long careful research using the internet which is something i rather avoid, i finally learned about the Yuchi Indians of the southeast. They lived primarily along the Savanna River, eastern Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, northern Florida, and South Carolina. According to linguistics the Yuchi Language is an isolate. However, according to William Bartram who paid visit to Yuchi-town in the mid 1770s, their language was called the Savanna Language or Savanuca Language. He was told by people who spoke the Savanuca Language, that it was the same language spoken by the Shaw-ah-nese, or the Shawnee. Obvious proof the Yuchi are in fact Anishinabe. Yuchi-town was located where present day Fort Benning, Alabama is.

White historians will avoid classifying the Yuchi as being Anishinabe. Read the Seven Fires Prophecy. The Yuchi are the Anishinabe people of the southeast, particularly Florida. The whites first contacted the southern Anishinabek during the Hernando De Soto expedition of 1539-1543. The Ojibway soldiers were already in north Florida waiting for the white invaders. They had probably forced their way towards Florida from the Great Lakes region decades earlier, or soon after learning of the long anticipated invasion of the whites had commenced. They battled the white invaders a few times during the 1539-1542 expedition.

Near what is now central Alabama in 1540, the whites discovered a fortified Anishinabe village. Possible evidence the Anishinabek were ar war against the native tribes of that region. The whites learned the tribe they fought in central Alabama were known as the Mabila. The Mabila are obviously Anishinabe. And they were enraged after learning the whites who numbered over 600 soldiers, were approaching their village of Mabila. De Soto was fixing to reach the gulf coast to meet two ships which were to bring them supplies from Cuba. An ambush put an end to the plans of the white invaders. Though they did not have guns nor cannons, the Anishinabe soldiers defeated the whites.

Near 400 white soldiers were killed and wounded in the battle. Historians claim Indian casualties were between 2,000 and 6,000 killed. Since the whites were using single shot musket guns, Anishinabe casualties were obviously much fewer than what historians estimate. In fact, Anishinabe casualties were possibly less than that of the whites. De Soto had to retreat to the west and north after the battle. The supplies and reinforcements, were probably forced to retreat as well. De Soto ended up trekking to Mississippi. Anishinabe soldiers were constantly on the trail of the white invader. De Soto's expedition was a failure. Around the same time period, white soldiers also invaded the St. Lawrence River region. At first they met with some success but Algonquin soldiers drove them out.

During the early part of the De Soto Expedition in Florida, Anishinabe soldiers constantly attacked the whites. De Soto and his soldiers commenced their expedition near where present day Tampa Bay, Florida is. The Yuchi referred to themselves as the Children of the Sun. Identical to the Spokane Indians of Washington State who referred to themselves as the Children of the Sun. They also used Sun People on occasions. They also highly regarded the Delaware people. They often named them the old ones. All Algonquians named the Delaware people their Grandfathers. The Yuchi are the real Seminole and also the real Miccosukee. They will probably deny it but we have evidence indicating they are one of the lost Ojibway Tribes.

Today, the Seminole (Yuchi) people of Oklahoma and Florida, and in the Mexican State of Coahuila where they live in the towns of Nacimiento de los Indios and Nacimiento de los Negros with their black allies, continue to live. However, the whites have forced them to lose their tribal identity. They are a mixture of Anishinabe, other Indian tribes, and blacks and whites. Seminole is derived from the Anishinabe word for sun which is pi-sim or possibly ki-sim. Creek is derived from the word Cree which is derived from the Anishinabe word for woman which is kwe. Cree is derogatory. They will not accept being Anishinabe. That is how brainwashed the whites have brainwashed them. The Yuchi are actually yet around. They were forced to assimilate among the Creeks of Oklahoma, as were the Chippewa's of Kansas, among the Cherokee of Oklahoma. The Yuchi of Oklahoma are non federally recognized.

The Seminole Population

Florida - 3,100
Oklahoma - 9,000
Mexico - 1,000 including their black allies.
The Bahamas - ?

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