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Elbow Lake, Minnesota

Located in White Earth Reservations southeastern portion, CDP or Census Designated Place of Elbow Lake or Ga-mi Skwaan (Lake Elbow- in Ojibway o skwan means the elbow) so "Ga-mi Skwaan" means Lake Elbow. Below are several links to google earth photos of parts of Elbow Lake and the scenic land around this small Ojibway village. Elbow Lake is completely surrounded by a forest, with several large and small lakes in close proximity. It is a beautiful location, especially during spring, summer, and autumn. Population of Elbow Lake is 104 according to 2000's census. Around 72% of it's population is Native American yet 77% when including mix bloods and Mexicans. There are 62 housing units in Elbow Lake. Average household size is under 2 persons per household which is rare for Ojibway communities. Elbow Lake has a land area of 1.3 sq. mi. or 3.4 sq. km. There are several resorts surrounding Elbow Lake. Elevation is 1,601 feet or 488 meters above sea level.

Elbow Lake From Road
Elbow Lake From Road
Elbow Lake From Road
Elbow Lake From Road
Elbow Lake From Road


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