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Little Rock, Minnesota

Located just west (by about 3 miles) of Red Lake, Little Rock, which is a cdp or Census Designated Place, has a population of 1,208 according to 2010's census. Below are satellite images of Little Rock, Minnesota and a few links to google earth photos of this RLR community. This Red Lake Reservation community is disorganized. However, there are three distinct clusters of housing units that rightfully are distinct communities. Leaders of RLR have yet to address organizing each cluster of housing units as being a distinct community of their own and naming them. Little Rock is 98.5% Native American. White 0.4%. Latin or Mexican 1.7%. Mixed bloods 1.1%. There are 432 housing units in Little Rock, with 415 lived in. Average household size is 2.9 persons per household. Many of Red Lake Reservations wealthier citizens live at Little Rock. An exception is West Little Rock which is situated at this RLR's community's west. Little Rock has a land area of 7.5 sq. mi. or 19.5 sq. km. Elevation is 1,197 feet above sea level or 365 meters. Ponemah, Redby and Red Lake are better organized than Little Rock. In Ojibway Language, Little Rock is pronounced "A-sin-niiz." RLR leaders should organize each of Little Rocks housing clusters as distinct communities and name them. Red Lake looks like a very disorganized community yet they don't want to break their housing clusters up because of their close proximity. Redby is similar to Little Rock. They can create a West Redby and East Redby.

Satellite Image of Little Rock

Satellite Image of Main Little Rock

Satellite Image of East Little Rock

Satellite Image of West Little Rock

Little Rock From Road

Little Rock From Road

Little Rock From Road

Little Rock From Road


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