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Island Lake First Nation

Island Lake First Nation is adjacent to Onion Lake First Nation. They are within Big Bears Reserve. They are Saulteaux Ojibways descended from chief Big Bears Ojibway's from Montana. Below are google earth photos of this Ojibway community. According to a 2016 census, Island Lake has a population of 624. They have 150 dwellings with 128 lived in. Average household size is 4.8 persons per household. Around 165 speak Corrupted Ojibway. Lewis and Clark called Cree Language Corrupted Ojibway Language. In 1876, chief Big Bear and chief Sitting Bull, led 10,000s of Montana Ojibway's to Alberta's and Saskatchewan's Cypress Hills, after American Soldiers launched an invasion into their territory. Chief Big Bear agreed to relocate 100's of miles north to near Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan. From there, they settled at many locations. One is Island Lake. They participated in 1885's Northwest Rebellion. At least some of them.

Map of Big Bears Reserve)

Satellite Image of Island Lake

Road Closeup

Road Closeup

Road Closeup

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