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Rapid Lake First Nation of Quebec

These Ojibway People of Rapid Lake First Nation, live in an area of Quebec where few whites live. All other Algonquin Ojibway's of Quebec, are living adjacent to or very near white towns. Canada is trying to assimilate them. These Ojibway's from Rapid Lake First Nation, are closely related to Atikamekw People who are Algonquin Ojibway's. At least they were until early part of 20th century. Since then, whites or Atikamekw People, are claiming to be Cree. It's about language. They first thought they spoke Ojibway yet know they think they speak Cree. They don't know (they've known for centuries) that Cree is a dialect of Ojibway Language. If you try finding information about Rapid Lake First Nation, it will not be easy. According to a 2015 census, on-Reserve population of this Algonquin Ojibway Rapid Lake First Nation, is 582. Their very small Reserve was established in 1961. For some reason, they are not being up front about them. Could be because of Atikamekw People. They live to their east. Manawan is 109 miles or 176 kilometers directly east of Rapid Lake First Nation. They claim never to have ceded land. Atikamekw Territory is 40 miles or 65 kilometers east of Rapid Lake First Nation. It's also about 40 miles or 65 kilometers from Kitigan Zibi.


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