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1846-1848 Mexican-American War

Long before the 1846-1848 Mexican-American War was fought, American leaders knew Ojibway People were migrating to north Mexico. Migrating to north Mexico with Ojibway People, were other Indian Nations and Black People. American leaders did not want the migration to happen. Ojibway Reservations had been created in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio yet Ojibway leaders were outraged with what little land was set aside for them. Reservations of a few 100 square miles or a few hundred square kilometers, was not acceptable to Ojibway leaders. They wanted large area's of land. That be in the 10,000's of square miles or 10,000's of square kilometers. On September 26, 1833 a vast Ojibway Reservation was created. Below is a map of it. It's the secone one. It was located mainly in Iowa, with smaller portions located in extreme south Minnesota and a large area in northwest Missouri. It covered a land area of 5,000,000 acres or 7,812 sq. mi. or 2,023,428 hectares or 20,234.3 sq. km. Ojibway leaders were content with their Reservation. 10,000's of Ojibway People from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin relocated to their vast new Reservation, after September 26, 1833's Treaty was signed. Before their vast Reservation located mainly in Iowa was created, about 14 and 15 years earlier, a large Reservation was created for Ojibway People in southwest Missiouri. On October 3, 1818 a very large Reservation was created for Delaware Ojibways in southwest Missouri. It's known as Ozark Ojibway Reservation. A name i use to identify this old Ojibway Reservation. Below is a map of it. It's the first one. Then on July 30, 1819 a land addition was added to Ozark Ojibway Reservation in southwest Missouri. It was for Kickapoo Ojibway's and other Ojibway People from Ohio. Ojibway leaders were content yet they continued to migrate to Mexico. Why? Prophecy!

June 5, 1846 Treaty

Though some Ojibway People were continuing to migrate to Mexico and west, from their vast Reservation located mainly in Iowa, most continued to live throughout their vast Reservation. American leaders were discontent with the Ojibway's of southwest Missouri. Their Reservation was large yet too many sought refuge in Mexico. They had to deal with illegal white land squatters as well. On September 24, 1829 American leaders broke treaty that established the portion of Ozark Ojibway Reservation in southwest Missiouri, for Delaware Ojibway's and Shawnee Ojibway's. Then on October 24, 1832 American leaders broke treaty again and eradicated the Kickapoo portion of Ozark Ojibway Reservation located in southwest Missouri. What American leaders are concealing from you, is these Ojibway People from Ozark Ojibway Reservation located in southwest Missouri, relocated to Cherokee Reservation in northeast Oklahoma. They are the Cherokee. Oklahoma (the Cherokee Reservation of northeast Oklahoma) is 26.2 miles or 42.16 kilometers west of Ozark Ojibway Reservation. Their trail of tears was minor compared to the Ojibway Trail of Tears of 1838-1839, from Michigan, to Kansas and Oklahoma. Though most Ojibway People continued to live throughout their vast Reservation mainly located in Iowa, by 1846 American leaders were preparing to invade Mexico. They knew 100,000's of Ojibway People, other Indian Nations and Black People had migrated to Mexico. In 1836, Ojibway leaders of their Iowa Reservation, were forced to cede that portion of their vast Reservation located in northwest Missouri. It's known as Platte Purchase of 1836. It led to violence and many Ojibway People migrating to Mexico. A prelude to 1846-1848's Mexican-American War happened before it supposedly commenced on April 25, 1846. American leaders commenced to negotiate with Ojibway leaders about ceding their vast Reservation located in Iowa. This is what caused 1846-1848's Mexican-American War. Ojibway leaders controlled much of Mexico. It was a 2 year conflict won by the United States. What followed was a mass migration of Ojibway People to Mexico. That includes Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah. Most fled south to what is now north Mexico. On June 5, 1846 American leaders broke September 26, 1833's Treaty and the Mexican-American War commenced. Many Mexican leaders became enraged after losing much of Mexico. One was Benito Juarez. He may have caused the 1861-1865 American Civil War. Further research must be conducted.


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