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1910-1920 Mexican Revolution

You would think that this war had nothing to do with Anishinabe People. That is incorrect however! As mentioned over and over, 100,000's of Indians and even large numbers of blacks, fled to north Mexico to escape from evil white intentions. That occurred primarily in 18th and 19th century yet actually may have commenced in 17th century, if historians are correct about a group of Shoshone Indians (Comanche) invading Mexico in 17th century, from Montana-Wyoming region. Above is a list of the Battles of the Mexican Revolution. By early 20th century, northern Mexico's Indian Population was in the millions. What occurred in Indian Territory in 1907 may have helped lead to the Mexican Revolution. In 1906, a couple of brothers in El Paso, Texas made plans for starting an uprising in the north of Mexico but nothing came from it. It is known as the Magonistas Movement. On November 17, 1907 Indian Territory (eastern Oklahoma) was eradicated. In 1908, the Magonistas attempted to take the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez but failed. These events were the beginnings of the Mexican Revolution.

Chief Rocky Boy

Below is an excerpt from a September 26, 1914 The Tacoma Times. It's about chief Rocky Boy and his Ojibway Subjects. Chief Rocky Boy sent a letter to President Wilson telling him that he would become neutral during the war. President Wilson sent a letter to chief Rocky Boy thanking him for becoming neutral. In November 1909, chief Rocky Boy and 100's of his Ojibway Subjects, were forced to relocate to a new Ojibway Reservation at Blackfeet Reservation. It was reported that chief Rocky Boy's brother chief Pennato (if he had a brother named Pennato), led an Ojibway Exodus off their Reservation within Blackfeet Reservation in late 1910. It may have been chief Rocky Boy. According to historians, chief Pennato requested of chief Rocky Boy, to negotiate for a new Ojibway Reservation at Bear's Paw Mountains. In September 1914, chief Rocky Boy sent a letter to President Wilson telling him he would become neutral during the war. The press reported it was the war in Europe which don't make sense. There was a war already going on in Mexico. Chief Rocky Boy meant the Mexican Revolution. Chief Rocky Boy was either the main Ojibway leader or one of the higher ranking Ojibway leaders in the Mexican Revolution. After 1914, the Mexican Revolution quickly diminished. After the Ojibway defeats in June 1914, chief Rocky Boy possibly commenced to negotiate an end to the war. However, chief Rocky Boy reached Great Falls, Montana in August of 1913. Before chief Rocky Boy reached Great Falls on August 23, 1913, around 37 other Ojibway's had reached Great Falls on August 20, 1913. In August 1913, the press in Montana, reported that chief Rocky Boy and his Ojibway Subjects, settled just west of Great Falls. In the July 3, 1914 edition of the Cut Bank Pioneer Press, they reported that chief Rocky Boy was visiting Anaconda, Montana to try and raise funds and was headquarted at Great Falls with 700 of his Ojibway Subjects. His attempt to have a new Ojibway Reservation was successful. It's located adjacent to Great Falls. In the September 26, 1914 The Tacoma Times News Article, they wrote that "as a result of Secretary Lane's efforts to secure some land for them." That obviously represents an agreement was reached in which chief Rocky Boy was set aside a Reservation adjacent to Great Falls. We have been told to find evidence along a trail by prophecy. We have to follow chief Rocky Boy if we are to follow prophecy. Of course, chief Rocky Boy participated in the Mexican Revolution. Either he reached Great Falls in 1913 as reported or in 1914.

There is at least one Anishinabe Reservation (it's actually two Reservations that are known as Nacimiento de los Indios and Nacimiento de los Negros - one is Indian and the other is black) in Coahuila today which covers 17,352 acres. President Benito Juarez gave them that land in 1859. It was far more land than 17,352 acres. It is located on the eastern edge of the Santa Rosa Mountains. Supposedly another Anishinabe Reservation was granted in the State of Chihuahua (Coahuila did not exist then) which covered over 78,000 acres. Another Anishinabe Reservation was set aside in the State of Durango which covered over 17,800 acres. Then another Anishinabe Reservation was set aside in the State of Sonora where the Mexican Revolution commenced, which covered either 29,000 acres or possibly over 230,000 acres. It is located near Bacerac and is also known as Tamichopa.

President Juarez

He set off America's 1861-1865 Civil War. What actually caused this Mexican Revolution, was existing Ojibway Reservations in north Mexico whites wanted eradicated. These Ojibway Reservations in north Mexico were very large (each covering 10,000s of sq. mi.), that contained valuable land. They were for Ojibway People, other Indian Nations and Blacks. Mexico agreed to give this land to Ojibway leaders in early 19th century. Juarez increased their Reservations sizes dramatically. Mexico supplied Ojibway Soldiers with weapons during those times, to fight American whites. From Mexico, they launched assaults into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Juarez was largely responsible. He became President of Mexico in 1858 and that greatly bothered whites. In late 1861, Britain, France and Spain conspired to invade Mexico. Their excuse being money owed them. It was really Ojibway People in Mexico. France took control of southern Mexico in 1862, which caused President Juarez to retreat to northern Mexico where he was supported by Ojibway Soldiers. You judge this own your own. You must remember Race is involved. American leaders were very much aligned with Europe, especially England and France. Indians and Blacks forced their way south to southern Mexico and even further south during this 1910-1920 War.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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