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Ojibway Syllabics

Interesting they are. However, whites claim that whites invented the beautiful Ojibway syllabics. They are wrong however! When you see the Ojibway Syllabics below, you are looking at the writing system the whites Roman Alphabet came from or, the writing system the whites inherited. Checkout this following web site to learn about, and use, the Ojibway syllabics. To learn how to use the Ojibway syllabics, you will have to download them first. Visit the two websites below if you have internet access. The second one has photos of the inscriptions on rocks discovered on Oak Island, Nova Scotia which resemble Ojibway syllabics.

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Oak Island

Afterwards, you can come to your own conclusion about this very sensitive subject. If you read the entire story about Atlantis, you will eventually read the part about the climate of eastern Canada of 11,500 years ago. It is alarming and stunning to know that in eastern Canada 11,500 years ago, it was possible for the Anishinabek to grow two food crops a year. That can only occur in year round warm climate conditions. If you read about Oak Island, you will read about the coconut fibers they discovered at Oak Island. What is so special about that? Coconut trees only grow in tropical regions. The closest location in North America where coconut trees grow now, is down in southern Florida, where the climate is tropical. We are slowly sliding into an ice age. They are lying to everyone about global warming.


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