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Religion of Ojibwe Indians

They did not have a belief in a god or gods! Europeans consider god to be human. However, Ojibway People did have a belief in a Creator. Not in a sense you may possibly think. Whites have a belief that god created all life including earth, ect. Ojibway People did not have such a belief. Their belief in a Creator was given to them correctly. Their belief in a Creator, was that of a person that Creates clothes, tools, canoes, a business and so forth, so they could know how to improve daily life. It meant difficult work. Ojibway People did not have a belief in a Great Spirit. That's very obvious. They believed all living things had energy or a spirit within including all animals, plants and even rocks. What does that tell you? They had no belief in a Great Spirit! Europeans misconstrued their "Holy Spirit or Holy Terror" with Ojibway Spirituality. Ojibway People did not believe their belief in "Spirituality" was based on a person. Whites do! In Ojibway Language, their word for Creator is derived from their word for "form and shape," as in to form or shape something, which is "i-zhi-na-go-siw-in." Like all languages, Ojibway Language has a plural, past tense and present tense. They are a superstitious People.

Ojibway word for Creator is "Na-gost." It's from "izhinagosiwin." Now "Na-gos" also means appear in Ojibway. In Ojibway Language they use either a "d" or a "t" to signify what a persons role in life is. Word for cook is "tcha-ba-kwed." Their word for "assistant" is "wa-do-ka-sod." Their word for "audacious person" is "swan-gi-diid." Their word for "canoe maker" is "tchi maant" or just "Maant." You can only suspect what whites thought after they learned that "na-gost" meant Creator in Ojibway Language. Word for "ghost and spirit" in Ojibway Language is "Man-i-to." Remember that "na-gos" also means "appear," as in that appears excellant, as well as "form and shape." There is no word for "make" in Ojibway. Instead they use "form and shape." Ojibway People were Atheists. They rejected European religions until subjugation. They knew European religions were foul. That's because they knew right from wrong. They were forced to accept European religions which are false or have no actual affiliation with a concept of religion. They are deceitful religions which promote wrong being correct!

Mormon Religion

According to William W. Warrens 19th century book "History of the Ojibway People," they had a religion. However, the way he wrote about it is deceitful! He was told by an Ojibway Mide Elder that "While our forefathers were living on the (deceit) Great Salt Water (deceit) toward the rising sun, the Great me"gis" or sea shell (the sun - in Ojibway gi-sis is supposedly their word for sun yet it's a diminutive - gis is their word for sun or sim is), showed itself above the surface of the Great Water, and the rays of the sun for a long period were reflected from it's (the water) glossy back. It gave warmth (they lived at a location far to the south) and light to the An-"ish" (it's a pejorative in Ojibway Language)-in-aub-ag or An-ish-in-aub-ag. It then sank into the deep (their migrations north commenced) and for a time our ancestors were not blessed with it's light. It (the sun) rose to the surface and appeared again on the great river which drains the waters of the Great Lakes, and again for a long time it gave life to our forefathers and reflected back the rays of the sun. Again it (the sun) disappeared from sight and rose not till it appeared to the eyes of the An-ish-in-aub-ag on the shores of the first Great Lake. Again it (the sun) sank from sight, and death daily visited the wigwams of our forefathers, till it (the sun) showed it's back (must be showed back), and reflected the rays of the sun once more at Boweting or Sault Ste. Marie. Here it remained for a long time, but once more, and for the last time, it disappeared and the An-ish-in-aub-ag were left in darkness and misery, till it floated and once more showed it's back (must be showed back) at Mo-ning-wun-a-kaun-ing (La Pointe Island) where it (the sun) has ever since reflected back the rays of the sun, and blessed our ancestors with life, light, and wisdom. Warren was eager to know what the megis meant. He told Warren it meant our religion (he really meant history). Warren knew what the elder was telling him. It was of Ojibway migrations to extreme northern Canada and Alaska. These migrations happened several times. Ojibway People migrated north of the arctic circle to barren lands. They had to live in darkness for much of the year. Life was very hard for them. Ojibway People are dark. Some are so dark you'd think they are black. Their time north of the arctic circle was brief. That's for those Ojibway's that returned south. The Mormon Religion details migrations. They stole Ojibway History and made a religion out of it, to cover-up their crime. However, Warren did provide important information yet in a deceitful way!


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