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The War of 1812

After the Anishinabe Nation lost to Canada and United States during the 1774-1794 War, greedy whites would start requesting from Anishinabe (both northern and southern Anishinabek) Nation, for more land cessions. Once whites were ceded land, they usually came back demanding more of their land. That is why this War of 1812 was fought. Both Canada and United States, bribed Ojibway leaders that did not have authority to cede land, to sign illegal treaties ceding Ojibway land. During this time era, an escalation in infidelity among Ojibway People intensified. Those Ojibway's living south of them Great Lakes, were prone to accept peace with whites. Not all however. That included supporting whites militarily. These more southern Ojibway People were led by Tecumseh who was a mixed blood raised by Blue Jacket who was white. They established a village near what is now Lafayette, Indiana which, during those times, was a white fort (it was named Fort Ouiatenon) built by Italians in 1717. By 1811, this old fort was a simple location where Indians that sided with whites, went to receive weapons and trade goods. Prophetstown was some 9 miles northeast of old Fort Ouiatenon and actual real fort of whites. It was posted by a few whites yet most people living there were Ojibway's that sided with whites. North of old Fort Ouiatenon, was where Ojibway People that followed prophecy lived. They were determined to fight for their lands and knew old Fort Ouiatenon was being used by whites to arm their Indian allies. They targeted Prophetstown to destroy because they knew a major military build up was going on there. Prophetstown's location was vital. Chicago was a little over 100 miles to it's northwest, while Detroit was over 230 miles to it's northeast. Thus, destroying Prophetstown was very important to attempt to halt further white north and west advances. Southern Ontario was this wars main location for fighting. However, Ojibway's from as far away as Montana, were sent to Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario to fight Canada and United States and their Ojibway allies. From Chicago to Detroit to Niagara Falls, was where most fighting took place. However, many battles were fought south.


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