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Duck Valley Reservation

This Shoshone Ojibway Reservation is located in Idaho and Nevada. Below is a map of Duck Valley Reservation. They have lost their Ojibway Tribal Identity and will not accept an Ojibway Tribal Identity at this Reservation! Original name of this Reservation was Western Shoshone Reservation. Their history is one that has been written for them by whites which means you must use caution for we know whites use deceit! Duck Valley Reservation was created on April 16, 1877 after President Hayes used an Executive Order to establish this small Reservation. This Reservation was probably created for Shoshone Ojibway's that wanted out of 1876-1877's War in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Wyoming. They likely agreed to side with whites. As 1876-1877's War spread to extreme southern Idaho in 1878, many Ojibway's were captured and sent to Yakima Reservation. After Malhuer Reservation of Oregon was eradicated, many of their citizens were sent to Duck Valley Reservation. Duck Valley Reservation was expanded by President Cleveland after he used an Executive Order to expand Duck Vally Reservation on May 4, 1886 for some Ojibway's sent to Yakima Reservation. Duck Valley Reservation is obviously one of chief Rocky Boy's Reservations.

On July 1, 1910 President Taft used an Executive Order to expand Duck Valley Reservation. Whites living near this Reservation were definitely startled by the land additions. It was reported in 1920 that Western Shoshone Reservation had a population of 671. Census was possibly from 1910 however. Duck Valley Reservations population has increased quite a bit since then. Using google earth to count how many housing units they have, indicates their population may be close to the 1,700 reported at Duck Valley Reservations website yet it's probably closer to 2000's census. Duck Valley Reservation has three communities. Owyhee is a CDP or census designated place. It has a land area of 225.9 sq. mi. or 585.1 sq. km. According to 2010's census, it's population is 953. However, there is another distinct community about 2 miles north of Owyhee. It's population is included with Owyhee's. I named it North Owyhee. About 3 miles northwest of North Owyhee is another community i named Lakeview. It's located in Idaho. Within Duck Valley (the valley) are numerous farms. It's a small Reservation with a land area of 321,920 acres or 503.0 sq. mi. or 1,302.7 sq. km. On-Reservation population according to 2000's census, is 1,265. This Reservation is one of only a few not violated by the United States. In 1920, it was reported that Duck Valley Reservation was unalloted. Total unallotted acres was 321,920 acres.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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