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Fort Assiniboine Reservation

You are being lied to by whites. Below are maps that can help you learn about this old conspiracy and links to google earth photos of Box Elder and demographis of this Ojibway Reservation. Rocky Boy West is their largest community. What is now Rocky Boy's Reservation is really Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation. It was created for chief Little Bear who was in an alliance with whites. He told whites in Lewistown, Montana in December 1913, that he was in alliance with American Soldiers during 1876-1877's War in Montana. Chief Little Bear probably ceded that portion of Blackfeet Reservation north of Sun River and Missouri River in 1873. Land south of Missouri River including where Great Falls is, remains an Ojibway Reservation. They have no proof it was ever ceded. American leaders did not establish another Blackfeet Reservation in 1873. They signed a treaty with chief Little Bear in which he ceded land and was set aside an Ojibway Reservation covering a land area of 1,100 sq. mi. or 2,850 sq. km. He also agreed to allow Americans to establish an American Military Fort within his Reservation, per treaty agreements. Fort Assiniboine Military Fort commenced as a camp around 1873. Around 60 miles to it's southwest was Fort Benton. It was a strongly built fort that was first a trade post.

In 1878, American leaders were allowed by chief Little Bear, to station large numbers of American Soldiers and construct buildings including barracks and houses at Camp Assiniboine. On December 30, 1878 they renamed Camp Assiniboine, Fort Assiniboine. Chief Little Bear actually fought against his father chief Big Bear. In either 1876 or 1877 or in both years, chiefs Big Bear, Rocky Boy and Sitting Bull fled up to Alberta's and Saskatchewan's Cypress Hills. Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation was left alone for nearly 20 years. By 1890, large numbers of white settlers were invading that region of Montana and demanding Reservation land. Their demand for Reservation land was so degrading, American leaders forced chief Little Bear to cede most of his Reservation. He was a loyal American ally yet they didn't care. His Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation was reduced to 220,000 acres on October 9, 1891. And them invading whites continued to demand more of chief Little Bears Reservation or Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation. It yet had a land area of 344.0 sq. mi. or 890.3 sq. km. Chief Little Bear continued his friendship with whites yet they didn't care. He even told American leaders he wanted to help them fight Japan in 1906. American leaders told him they were not at war with Japan. In 1911, they closed Fort Assiniboine. It was no longer needed. This is when American leaders commenced to conspire to reduce chief Little Bears Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation again.

They had forced chief Rocky Boy to relocate to a new Ojibway Reservation at Blackfeet Reservation in November 1909. Chief Rocky Boy was from Great Falls. They lured him off his Blackfeet Reservation in August 1913. Their lure was a new Ojibway Reservation adjacent to Great Falls that had a land area of 4 townships or 144.0 sq. mi. or 373.0 sq. km. Chief Rocky Boy and around 30 or 40 of his Ojibway Subjects, reached Great Falls in late August 1913. It was reported in newspapers in 1914, that chief Rocky Boy was headquarted in Great Falls with 700 of his Ojibway Subjects. This is origins of Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians who are really Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians. Chief Little Shell III was native to North Dakota. I don't know if chief Rocky Boy actually visited his so called Reservation south of Havre, Montana. I do know he was buried there in 1917. In 1916, chief Little Bear was devastated to learn that his American allies reduced his Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation to 56,035 acres or 22,676.5 hectares. It was actually reduced to 133.0 sq. mi. or 85,120 acres or 344.5 sq. km. or 34,446.8 hectares. By 1916, he had lost respect for his American allies and was a bitter and enraged old man. He yet remained friendly with whites. He met an old friend that was stationed at Fort Assiniboine named John Pershing, around 1919 or 1920. In 1895-1896, chief Little Bear helped Captain Pershing round up 1,000's of Ojibway's near Great Falls, for forced relocations. However, chief Little Bear was very bitter when he met Pershing around 1919 or 1920. He learned he could not trust whites. They reported in newspapers that chief Rocky Boy was set aside a Reservation where chief Little Bears Reservation is. He knew by that time, that white leaders were extremely deceitful. What really happened was chief Little Bears Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation was reduced in size again. Chief Rocky Boy's Reservation is really adjacent to Great Falls. His brother chief Crazy Boy, told Cascade County leaders in December 1921, that he had a Reservation selected yet was not allowed to colonize his brothers Reservation. He told them he would fight for Federal Recognition.

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Demographics of Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation

Land Area: 171.4 sq. mi. 444.0 sq. km.

Population: 3,323 (2010 census)

Language: Corrupted


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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