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Fort Berthold Reservation

One of several Reservations in North Dakota, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation is not so well known. It's one of chief Rocky Boy's many Reservations and Reserves. Land was obviously given to chief Rocky Boy around 1910. We don't know where it is however. Below are maps of Fort Berthold Reservation to help you understand and links to google earth photos of Four Bears Village. In 1880, Fort Berthold Reservation was connected to Blackfeet Reservation by way of Fort Buford Military Reservation which was originally a part of Fort Berthold Reservation. Per treaty agreements, Ojibway leaders allowed American's to build a fort within Fort Berthold Reservation. They did not allow them to establish a military reservation. It wasn't necessary. This Reservation does not recognize an Ojibway population nor will they. Long ago they decided to fight against their own people instead of following prophesy. We know from Father Belcourt who wrote a letter in 1849, detailing Pembina Chippewa District, that this Reservation is an Ojibway one. Pembina Ojibway District extended over 500 miles west from Pembina, North Dakota and over 400 miles south from same town. It means this Reservation is within Pembina Ojibway Territory.

We know what tribes are Ojibway at Fort Berthold Reservation. They are Hidatsa or Gros Ventre (aka Crow) and Mandan. Arikara People are Caddoan. FBR was created with 1851's Fort Laramie Treaty signing and originally had a land area of near 12,000,000 acres or 18,750 sq. mi. or 4,856,227.7 hectares or 48,562.3 sq. km. Fort Berthold Reservation would not keep it's original boundaries. Ojibway leaders already knew that when they signed 1851's Fort Laramie Treaty. On April 12, 1870 Fort Berthold Reservation leaders were forced to cede most of their Reservation. Then on July 13, 1880 American leaders forced leaders of Fort Berthold Reservation to cede more of their Reservation. Much of Fort Buford Military Reservation remained a part of Fort Berthold Reservation. In 1884 and 1885, some citizens of Fort Berthold Reservation accepted land allotments which enraged Ojibway Traditionalists who knew what would happen to that land if individuals were allowed to own land on their own. Ojibway leaders always demanded that land be held in common. In 1886, more of Fort Berthold Reservation was lost. Land lost was Fort Berthold Reservations west and north portion. In 1880's, American leaders were forcing Ojibway children to attend school where they were brainwashed. Many of their parents refused to send their children to schools because they knew they would lose who they are. In reponse, American leaders used terrorists threats against them.

Supposedly the land area of Fort Berthold Reservation is 980,574.54 acres. However, Surplus Land was ceded totaling 353,792.59 acres. It's no longer a part of Fort Berthold Reservation even though in 1972, the Federal Appeals Court ruled that the June 1, 1910 Act did not change Reservation boundaries and the ceded area remained a part of Fort Berthold Reservation. It does not matter. The land was ceded. We have to exclude the 353,792.59 acres. Fort Berthold Reservation's Government owns 57,954.20 acres. Allotted Trust Land (it's land owned by FBR citizens that's held in Trust Status by the United States Government) totals 360,438.57 acres. Land owned by the Federal Government totals 164.09 acres. Fee Land (it's land owned by both citizens of FBR and non citizens of FBR that's subject to County, State and Federal taxes - it's land yet under Fort Berthold Reservation Jurisdiction) totals 55,865.14 acres. Correct land area of Fort Berthold Reservation is 474,422 acres. However, much of Fort Berthold Reservations land was submerged by Sakakawea Reservoir. It totals 152,359.95 acres. It belongs to Fort Berthold Reservation. Total land area of Fort Berthold Reservation is 626,781.95 acres or 979.3 sq. mi. or 2,536.5 sq. km. Land submerged by Garrison Dam, can't be taken from Fort Berthold Reservation because some time in the future, the dam will no longer be necessary. Fort Berthold Reservation is off limits. There are several FBR communities. They include Charging Eagle, East Mandaree, Four Bears Village, Hunts Along, Mandaree, Sitting Crow, Skunk Creek and Twin Buttes. We won't include communities located in ceded area!

Fort Berthold Entrance Sign

Four Bears Village Road View

Four Bears Village Road View

Four Bears Village Road View

Four Bears Village Road View

Four Bears Village Road View

Four Bears Village Road View

Four Bears Village Road View

Four Bears Village Road View

Demographics of Fort Berthold Reservation

Land Area: 979.3 sq. mi. or 2,536.5 sq. km.

Population: Can't be correctly determined because FBR's ceded portions population is included

Indian: ?

White: ?

Black: ?

Asian: ?

Mixed: ?

Hispanic: ? - Hispanic population is corrupted as usual. Mexicans are predominantly descended from Native Americans who lived in eastern part of United States. Whites have forced them to lose their tribal identities.

Language: Corrupted


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