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Fort Hall Shoshone Reservation

In 1868, a treaty known as Fort Bridger, was signed at Fort Bridger, Utah creating Fort Hall Reservation which is located in southeast Idaho. Below is a map of Fort Hall Reservations original boundaries. It was set aside for Shoshone Ojibway People and other Indian Nations they were allied with. Fort Hall Reservation originally covered some 1.8 million acres yet supposedly through a survey error, it was reduced to 1,336,000 acres in 1869. That is illegal or another white deception or excuse. In 1900, more land was ceded. It was not ceded to American's. It was ceded to chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway's from Montana. Evidence of it is below. Chief Big Bear may have been alive in 1901/1902. He may have also been known as chief Papaway or chief Papawee. We know he lived in southeast Idaho. Both chief Big Bear and chief Rocky Boy, fled back to their native Montana during 1885's Northwest Rebellion. News article is about a fued between chief Rocky Boy and chief Papawee. Around 776,000 acres was ceded to chief Rocky Boy's Montana Ojibway's, leaving Fort Hall Reservation with 540,764 acres. It's really 1,336,000 acres. Chief Rocky Boy told judge McClernan he wanted to go to a land where picking was alleged to be better and there was not too many to do picking. He meant selecting land for his Reservation. Fort Hall Reservation has been violated. It's far western portion is 90% white or higher which means it's not a part of Fort Hall Reservation. Arbon Valley is located there. It has a population of 599 according to 2010's census. Indians make up 3.3% of Arbon Valleys population or 20. Arbon Valley is around 5 miles west of Pocatello. We know FHR's far west portion is not a part of FHR. It's because of chief Rocky Boy. Chief Rocky Boy wanted land whites didn't. Fort Hall Reservation extends almost to Idaho's border with Wyoming. FHR's west boundary is Bannock River.

FHR leaders will not accept this information. They don't even know about chief Rocky Boy. To them FHR is as depicted by American's. They are very wrong. We have proof. According to 2010's census, Fort Hall Reservation population is 5,767. Whites make up nearly 2,000 of FHR's population. Fort Hall CDP (census designated place) has a population of 3,201 according to 2010's census. Whites make up 29% of it's population or 929. Fort Hall CDP covers 35.2 sq. mi. Nearly all whites live between Bannack County's north boundary and Tyhee. There is no way of correctly determining FHR's correct demographics. There is only one Indian community and that's Fort Hall CDP. They should not, however, include that portion of Fort Hall CDP south of Bingham County. Leaders of this Reservation boast that 97% of FHR is either owned by FHR's Government or is land owned by members that's "trust land," which means it's land not subject to city, county, State and Federal taxes. That is misleading because FHR has a large white population. If 97% of FHR was actually owned by Indians, than there should be a small white population of 2% to 3%. White's make up around 30% of Fort Hall Reservation's population which means a cover-up. That cover-up deals with this Reservations real location. This Reservation has a serious discrepancy. You only need to read about chief Rocky Boy below. After accepting amnesty (investigate Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid) in July 1901, chief Rocky Boy led about 100 of his Montana Ojibway Subjects families, to FHR about a month later. First news article is from July 1901. Second news article is from August 1901.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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