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Fort Yuma Reservation

It is located very near Yuma, Arizona. Most is located in California with remainder being in Arizona. Below is a map of Yuma Reservation! Yuma Reservation was created on January 9, 1884. However, something "Spooked" white leaders into delving into serious trouble! Those few whites living at Yuma, noticed Yuma People make use of irrigation ditches that led from Colorado River to their farms, to irrigate their crops. Few whites tolerated Yuma's very hot summers. Those that could, knew land along Colorado River was rich soil. By 1893, American leaders conspired to indulge in "Criminal Activity." They imprisoned Yuma Reservations real leaders because they refused to sign an agreement to cede their Reservation. They were sent to a Los Angeles jail. American leaders then "hired" several Yuma men to sign an illegal agreement in which they ceded their Reservation.

In 1893, American leaders were not concerned about north Mexico. That changed around 1902. We know Yuma Reservation is one of chief Rocky Boy's many Reservations and Reserves. On January 14, 1902 chief Rocky Boy sent letter to President Roosevelt telling him chief Rocky Boy was leader of landless Ojibway's in various locations in the United States in need of Reservations. They denied his request for new Ojibway Reservations yet agreed to his proposal to allow his Ojibway Subjects to settle on unsurveyed land or unalloted Reservation land. Information from 1893 and 1894 is disturbing! Supposedly Yuma Reservation was eradicated yet American leaders continued to treat Yuma Reservation as a Reservation. That's because of chief Rocky Boy. Read the September 1914 news article below very carefully! Chief Rocky Boy was a very powerful leader at that time! After Yuma Reservation was eradicated, Yuma People of Yuma Reservation became landless! On June 17, 1902, 7,756.54 acres was allotted to chief Rocky Boy's landless Ojibway Subjects within Yuma Reservations unallotted area or where land was not suited for agriculture. President Roosevelt made a terrible mistake in 1903 by sending all of Yuma Reservation to the Bureau of Reclamation for development. He had reached an agreement with chief Rocky Boy he was, by future laws, to adhere to. He actually did follow agreements. All unallotted Yuma Reservation land (Yuma Reservation land deemed worthless) was saved. Look at Yuma Reservation's map! By 1902, American leaders knew there was going to be a Civil War in Mexico! On April 21, 1904 the Indian Appropriation Act was approved! For nearly a decade nothing happened at Yuma Reservation. However, by 1909 civil unrest in Mexico about vast Indian and black Reservations in north Mexico, was getting on American leaders nerves.

They had to do something to prevent Ojibway's living in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas from getting involved in Mexico's Civil War. They had to restore all of Yuma Reservation. However, about half of Yuma Reservation was already surveyed for farming. They surveyed Yuma Reservation about 1893 or before, to find where Yuma Reservations farmlands are. They knew by 1893 that around half of Yuma Reservation was rich agriculture land! On March 3, 1911 more allotments were granted to chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects at Yuma Reservation. This time their allotments were within Yuma Reservations rich farmlands. An estimated 8,110 acres was allotted to 811 of chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects. So American leaders were forced to Restore Yuma Reservation in 1903. That includes Yuma Reservations rich farmlands. Chief Rocky Boy was very instrumental in saving Yuma Reservation. Today Yuma Reservation is in fact an Ojibway Reservation. It has a land area of 69.0 sq. mi. or 178.7 sq. km. Yuma Reservations population is 2,376 according to 2000's census. Yuma People number 1,350, Mexican's 592 and mixed bloods 137. The remaining population is mostly white. Though they claim Yuma Reservation was eradicated, it wasn't!. Within 10 years after eradicating Yuma Reservation, American leaders had no choice but to Restore Yuma Reservation. Read September 1914's news article carefully! Chief Rocky Boy promised to stay of of Mexico's Civil War. It had nothing to do with Europes War.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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