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Grand Portage Reservation

It's location is in extreme northeast Minnesota adjacent to Lake Superior and Fort William Reserve in Ontario. In Ojibway Language, Grand Portage is pronounced "Chi On-i-gum or just Chi Gum." Since 1901, Grand Portage Reservation Ojibway population has changed little. In 1901, it's Ojibway population was 323. In 1930, it's Ojibway population was 377. In 2010, it's Ojibway population was 382. This Ojibway Reservation is somewhat mountainous. Including Fort William Reserve, the mountainous terrain is more extensive. Grand Portage Reservation has a land area of 74.4 sq. mi. or 192.7 sq. km. There's a significant white population within this Ojibway Reservation. This Ojibway Reservation may actually be a Former Reservation. It was reported in 1920, that Grand Portage Reservation owned no land. That would classify Grand Portage Reservation as being a former Reservation. Act of January 14, 1889 allotted 24,191.31 acres to 304 Ojibway's. Another 208.24 acres was reserved for agency and wood purposes. What was left was 16,041.97 acres which was opened to white settlement.. However, on March 21, 1917 an Executive order set aside two islands for Reservation purposes. Below is an excerpt from a September 1914 news article, about chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects. Chief Rocky Boy was negotiating with Secretary of the Interior Lane, about securing new Reservations for his landless Ojibway Subjects. They promised to stay out of Mexico's Civil War. It had nothing to do with Europes Conflict! On January 14, 1902 chief Rocky Boy sent letter to President Roosevelt telling him that chief Rocky Boy was leader of landless Ojibway's in various locations in the United States. More investigations must be conducted to find evidence of a new Grand Portage Reservation being established in 1914.


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