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Hopi Reservation

Research establishment of large Hopi Reservation and you will eventually decide on your own that some sort of conspiracy is involved. To help, there are maps below you need to investigate and a link to June 1, 1868's Treaty. Investigate both maps carefully. Prophesy tells you whites will fool you! You probably don't know anything about March 2, 1868's creation of Confederated Ute Reservation. What's left of it is Uintah-Ouray Reservation in Utah. I've been oblivious about circumstances surrounding Hopi Reservation creation because i thought it was set aside before Navajo Reservation. Supposedly it was set aside years after Navajo Reservation was set aside in 1868. And i was a bit confused because it is within Navajo Reservation. I recently did some research about Hopi Reservation and one very important bit of information stands out. Year Hopi Reservation was set aside. Why 1882? Why not 1868? First you will have to investigate creation of Confederated Ute Reservation. It was created on March 2, 1868. It was supposedly set aside in western Colorado. It extended as far south in west Colorado, as to Colorado's border with New Mexico. Then on June 1, 1868 Navajo Reservation was created or became a land addition to Confederated Ute Reservation. If you placed Confederated Ute Reservation in eastern Utah, it would extend as far south as Utah's border with Arizona. By aligning June 1, 1868's land addition to Confederated Ute Reservation, with Confederated Ute Reservation being located in eastern Utah, June 1, 1868's land addition would almost be where Hopi Reservation is. That's the conspiracy! Uintah-Ouray Reservation is located in northeast Utah adjacent to Colorado. You must remember that because there's no Navajo Reservation. What you don't know is Hopi Reservation was a land addition to Confederated Ute Reservation. Hopi People and Ute People are Shoshone Ojibway's!

June 1, 1868's Treaty

There were two treaties signed on June 1, 1868. Of course, you know about 1868's Navajo Treaty. However, you don't know about June 1, 1868's Treaty between Ojibway leaders and American leaders. Remember there's a conspiracy! Click here to read June 1, 1868's Treaty with Ojibway (Black River and Swan Creek Ojibway's) People of Kansas. Three months after Confederated Ute Reservation was created, a treaty between Kansas Ojibway's and American leaders was negotiated that added a land addition to Confederated Ute Reservation. It's Hopi Reservation! There's no Navajo Reservation! Ojibway leaders wanted land whites didn't. Most of western Colorado is mountainous yet much agriculture land is scattered about. Eastern Utah is very arid and also mountainous. However, it has much less agriculture land. Ojibway leaders of Kansas demanded land in eastern Utah. American leaders agreed because they knew eastern Utah almost as well as Ojibway leaders did. Nearly all of eastern Utah is non agriculture land. Besides, Ojibway People had been living in that region for 1,000's of years. And Ojibway People from Kansas and Oklahoma, had forced their way to western Colorado and eastern Utah. They favored Utah.

On June 1, 1868 a treaty agreement was reached which was supposedly rejected by American leaders or not ratified. They ratified it in their own way. For about 10 years Hopi Reservation remained a part of Confederated Ute Reservation. On November 9, 1878 American leaders broke treaty and eradicated Confederated Ute Reservations southern portion. Hopi Reservation was now it's own Reservation. American leaders needed to do something about the 10,000 to 20,000 Ojibway's from that portion of Confederated Ute Reservation they eradicated. They actually commenced to doing that nearly 2 weeks before they formally announced they had eradicated Confederated Ute Reservations southern portion. On October 9, 1878 American leaders added first land addition to Hopi Reservation. Historians recorded it was Navajo Reservations first land addition. They fibbed! Several other land additions to Hopi Reservation happened in 1880, 1882, 1884 and 1886. Then for 14 years nothing happened until chief Rocky Boy emerged around 1900 and 1901. After chief Rocky Boy accepted amnesty in 1901 (he requested for amnesty in 1899) Hopi Reservation received more land additions. First was in 1900. On January 14, 1902 chief Rocky Boy sent letter to President Roosevelt telling him chief Rocky Boy was leader of landless Ojibway People in various locations in the United States in need of Reservations. They denied his request for new Reservations yet accepted his proposal to allow his Ojibway Subjects to settle on unsurveyed land. American leaders really added land to existing Reservations. Hopi Reservation being main one!

Hopi Reservation received more land additions in 1901, 1905, 1907, 1913 and 1918. Then for 12 years nothing happened. Chief Rocky Boy is thought to have died in 1916 yet there's inormation from Rocky Boy Reservation indicating he died in 1917. Information pertaining to chief Rocky Boy's death is not reliable! In Montana, they were having problems with 1,000's of landless Ojibway's in the 1920's and 1930's. American leaders responded by adding land to Fort Belknap Reservation and Rocky Boy Reservation. They also set aside a small tract of land adjacent to Great Falls. It wasn't enough! They added more land additions to Hopi Reservation in 1930 and 1934. Today, after all land additions and eventual confusing that followed, Hopi Reservation is a location in civil strife. It's not Hopi Reservation leaders fault! American leaders are to blame! Do your investigations. There's no Navajo Reservation. It's Hopi Reservation. Today Hopi Reservation has a land area of 33,750.8 sq. mi. or 87,414.2 sq. km. It includes Zuni Reservation, Ute Mountain Reservation, Southern Ute Reservation and Jicarilla Reservation. Hopi Reservation is actually larger. In 1907 and 1908, land was added that later was placed back in public domain excepting land allotments. Hopi Reservation probably has a land area of over 35,000 sq. mi.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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