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Kaibab Reservation of Arizona

Not officially set aside until June 11, 1913 Kaibab Reservation of northern Arizona, has links to Montana Ojibway People. To learn more, we have to follow chief Rocky Boy. On January 14, 1902 chief Rocky Boy sent a letter to President Roosevelt, telling him chief Rocky Boy was leader of landless Chippewa's in various States in the United States and requested for new Reservations. They denied (this Reservation is an exception) his request for new Reservations yet agreed to chief Rocky Boy's proposal to allow his Ojibway Subjects to settle on land not surveyed in various locations. Chief Rocky Boy was in fact leader of all landless Ojibway People. Chief Rocky Boy sent letter to President Wilson in 1914, telling President Wilson chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects would stay out of the European Conflict. He meant Mexico's Civil War. Chief Rocky Boy was negotiating with Secretary of the Interior Lane, about securing land for chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects. He had been negotiating for quite some time and that includes in 1913. Ojibway's who lived around Kaibab Reservation region in 1907 were not that numerous. They possibly numbered not more than 80 or 90. Kaibab Reservation of Arizona has a land area of 189 sq. mi. or 489.5 sq. km. 2000's population was 196. That indicates it was probably fewer than 80 or 90 Ojibway's who settled down to live at Kaibab Reservation. Possibly only a few dozen people. There are three settlements located on Kaibab Reservation. Their main one is located a little north of where N Pipe Springs Road branches off Highway 389. Around 21 of this settlements 25 or more housing units are located along 240 N Pipe Springs Road and 250 N. Other housing units are located just west. Their next settlement which is a part of community of Kaibab, is just under 2 miles north. South Kaibab has around 20 housing units. About 0.40 miles north is Kaibab. This small community of Kaibab, has between 40 and 50 housing units. About a mile northwest of Kaibab is another small settlement. It is located within this Reservation but may be predominantly non Indian. To it's north are several farms which require irrigation. There could be between 50 and 60 housing units there. Their language is corrupted. They don't know who they are. Kaibab Reservations people are supposedly Paiute. However, Paiute People are Shoshone Ojibway's. They are shorter than Ojibway's of the plains and woodlands. They had an abundant food supply, while Ojibway's of the Great Basin and southwest, were not so fortunate.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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