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L'Anse Reservation

They are not being honest! Below are maps of L'Anse Reservation you'll want to carefully investigate and links to google earth photos of Zeba. If you try researching this Reservations history, Good Luck! You'll have better success researching histories of Grand Traverse Reservation and other Michigan Ojibway Reservations. There is "Deceit" surrounding L'Anse Reservation. It's more frequently named Keeweenaw Bay Indian Community. That's because they refuse to recognize it as being an Ojibway Reservation. There is evidence L'Anse Reservation covers a third of Baraga County. Ojibway leaders supposedly ceded nearly all of Michigan's Upper Peninsula's west, when they signed October 4, 1842's Treaty and were left with nothing! However, they did continue to live throughout Michigan's Upper Peninsula's west. That's the cover-up! There's evidence all of Michigan's Upper Peninsula was created to be an Ojibway Reservation. Then in 1854, American leaders had to do something because Ojibway leaders and their Ojibway Subjects, were continuing to live throughout their Reservations created for them in 1836 and obviously 1842. In 1848, American leaders illegally sold Manis'tig or Manistee Reservation. It was located near Manistee, Michigan. Ojibway's who lived throughout Manis'tig or Manistee Reservation, migrated to Grand Traverse Reservation or elsewhere. However, many continued to live at their Reservation near Manistee. On September 30, 1854 a treaty was signed that further went to bring more deceit into this issue over Reservation land. Michigan's Upper Peninsula was center of attention! However, Manis'tig or Manistee Reservation, had to be dealt with because Ojibway leaders refused to leave. Thus, September 30, 1854's Treaty created Isabella Reservation for them and land was added to Grand Traverse Reservation also for them. L'Anse Reservation was created with September 30, 1854's Treaty. It supposedly set aside 4 Townships or 92,160 acres or 37,296 hectares. As mentioned, there's evidence L'Anse Reservation is much larger! Probably 8 Townships or 184,320.7 acres or 74,592 hectares. Supposedly they took 1 Township or 23,040 acres from L'Anse Reservation yet it deals with Ontonagon Reservation which is really L'Anse Reservations west portion. L'Anse Reservation is located entirely on Keeweenaw Bays east.

L'Anse Reservation was never opened to white settlement. However, L'Anse Reservation was forced to hand out land allotments to each Ojibway citizen of L'Anse Reservation. Many were given rights to sell their land allotments which was against Ojibway law. It was reported that 668 Ojibway's from L'Anse Reservation received land allotments. Total number of allotment acres is 52,121. However, those land allotments are yet under L'Anse Reservation jurisdiction or is owned by L'Anse Reservation. They are classed as "Trust Land and Fee Land." There's a difference between "Trust Land and Fee Land." In the case of "Trust Land Allotments," they are not taxable. In the case of "Fee Land Allotments," they are subject to City, County, State and Federal taxes. Whites outside of L'Anse Reservation think L'Anse Reservation is an open Reservation but their wrong! There was no Surplus Land involved in L'Anse Reservations history which means it's an off limits Reservation. Most land allotments were sold to whites yet they don't know their land is owned by L'Anse Reservation. They trace it back to Ojibway's who sold their land allotments. Many Reservations had Surplus Land which resulted in them being opened to white settlement. Reservation Surplus Land was opened to white settlement. Surplus Lands that were ceded, were no longer a part of Reservations. In L'Anse Reservations case, it's different! All land allotted remains under L'Anse Reservation ownership. It means L'Anse Reservation is actually a Sovereign Nation. However, they can't control "Fee Land Allotments." What they can do is coerce those that own "Fee Land Allotments," to place them back in "Trust Land Status." If they did, they'd no longer have to pay taxes on their land! Remember L'Anse Reservation is a "Sovereign Nation." If you tried doing that, you may expect the IRS to get upset! Below is information about L'Anse Reservation from 1920. Most were predominantly Ojibway. Around 493 were predominantly white. It also includes Ontonagon and Lac Vieux de Sert Ojibway's:

Demographics of L'Anse Reservation from 1920

Ojibway Population: 1,093

Number Allotted Land: 73

Trust Land Allotments: 73

Fee Land Allotments: 0

Unallotted: 1,020

In 1920 or 1910, L'Anse Reservation's Ojibway population was 1,093. Today the Ojibway population of L'Anse Reservation is corrupted. They always include everyone living within Reservations so it's a bit difficult to ascertain L'Anse Reservations Ojibway population. It's 896 or less than it was 100 years ago. That includes mixed bloods.

LR Number of Allotments in 1920: 600

Allotted Land: 52,201 acres

Unallotted Land: 0 acres

Total Allotted Acres: 52,201 acres

You obviously noticed that L'Anse Reservation had no Unallotted Land in 1920! Remember that L'Anse Reservation's land area is 92,160 acres or 37,296 hectares. What happened to the 39,959 acres? There was no Surplus Land to be opened to white settlement!

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Demographics of L'Anse Reservation

Land Area: 144.0 sq. mi. or 373.0 sq. km. (that includes 4 Townships and not 3)

Population: Corrupted (L'Anse Reservation is located on Keeweenaw Bay's east - Ontonagon Reservation is the west portion)

Ojibway: 896

White: 2,545

Black: 8

Asian: 17

Mixed: 205

Hispanic: 26 - Hispanic population is corrupted as usual. Mexicans are predominantly descended from Native Americans who lived in United States eastern portion. Whites have forced them to lose their tribal identities.

Language: Ojibway


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