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Penobscot Indian Island Reservation

This Ojibway Reservation known as Penobscot Indian Island Reservation, is located in Penobscot County, Maine. Historically, these Ojibway People were not native to this region but when whites commenced to invade during 16th century, first wars occurred between them invading whites who used islands including Newfoundland, Greenland and Iceland to build up their military forces, and Ojibway's. Dutch and French, first entered St. Lawrence River Valley in either 1530's or 1540's and discoverd a non Algonquian People living there. Around 1600, they returned and found Ojibway People living in St. Lawrence River Valley and further east. These Ojibway People are known as A-ben-a-ki which may mean "Abuser Earth or Earth Abuser," in Ojibway Language. It should be written as "Wa-ban A-ki." It means East Earth. So A-bend A-ki may actually mean Abuser Earth or Earth Abuser. Ojibway People may have named whites Earth Abuser. It wasn't an only name they had for whites however. These eastern Ojibway's known as Wa-ban A-ki include Penobscot. To translate what Penobscot means may be easy. According to wikipedia Penobscot is derived from "Panawahpskek." It supposedly means "Rocky Part or Descending Ledges." In Ojibway Language, their word for Molter is Pin-na-wesh-shkat. Excluding "wesh" and using just Pin-osh-shkat is origins of "Penobscot." A Molter is person that plucks and sheds animals feathers and hair. These Penobscot People were from an Ojibway Totem within Odawa Totem or Trade Totem. In Ojibway Language, to denote a persons occupation, a "d" or a "t" is placed at ends of words representing it's purpose. Thus, a canoe maker is named Tchi-maant in Ojibway. Word for canoe in Ojibway is Tchiman. Wa-ban A-ki People including Penobscot People, speak Ojibway. After these Eastern Ojibway's agreed to peace after War of 1812, they were set aside Penobscot Indian Island Reservation. Below are demographics of this Ojibway Reservation which is small.

Demographics of Indian Island Reservation

Land Area: 20.6 sq. mi. or 53.4 sq. km.

Population: 610

Indian: 84.88%

White: 14.59%


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