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Quinault Reservation of Washington

On July 1, 1855 Quinault leaders signed a treaty with Governor Isaac Stevens. However, it was possibly done without proper Ojibway approval. Ojibway People ruled that entire region. A small Reservation with a land area of 10,000 acres was set aside. That may have caused Ojibway leaders to withdraw from treaty. In the Washington region and also Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, California and northwest Mexico, lived a large Chinese population. They were more prone to accept treaty than reject treaty. Ojibway leaders wanted a large Reservation. They were thinking about their childrens future. On November 4, 1873 another treaty or Executive Order from President Grant, increased Quinault Reservations land area by over 200,000 acres. Ojibway leaders were yet discontented yet accepted treaty. In 1920, it was reported that 690 citizens of Quinault Reservation were allotted 54,989.80 acres. And 456.56 acres was reserved for Quinault Reservation purposes. It left Quinault Reservations Government owning 168,553 acres. That was until 1931 when a ruling in a peculiar court declared non resident (they did not or possibly never lived at Quinault Reservation) citizens of Quinault Reservation, were entitled to receive land allotments. They broke original treaty agreements. Nearly all of Quinault Reservation was allotted. Newspapers in Washington reported in 1903, that large numbers of Montana Ojibway's were probably being sent to Washington Reservations. Newspaper accounts targeted "Washington Coastal Towns" about what was going on in Montana. Chief Rocky Boy sent letter to President Roosevelt on January 14, 1902 telling him chief Rocky Boy was leader of all landless Ojibway's in various parts of the United States in need of Reservations. They denied his request for new Ojibway Reservations yet accepted his proposal to allow his Ojibway Subjects to settle on unsurveyed lands. One location was Quinault Reservation.

Chief Rocky Boy was quite busy between 1900 and 1909. He was very defiant! He knew from prophesy "Not To Trust Whites" and he took it seriously. He sought out affluent whites to help his cause. One such figure was Senator Dixon of Montana. He helped chief Rocky Boy to have much of Blackfeet Reservations west portion given to him in 1909. Senator Gibson of Montana also helped chief Rocky Boy have a rather large portion of Flathead Reservation given to him in 1904. Historians claim Senator Gibsons "Bill" failed yet we have to follow prophesy! On March 4, 1911 an Act of Congress allowed land allotments to non resident Ojibway's. Chief Rocky Boy was causing trouble. He fled his Reservation within Blackfeet Reservation in late 1910. Why? Glacier National Park or his Reservation, was established in same year of 1910. Thus, why Quinault Reservation had to allow more Ojibway's to migrate to their Reservation. Chief Rocky Boy continued on with being defiant! American leaders repeatedly negotiated with chief Rocky Boy after he left his Reservation in 1910. In 1913 or 1914, an agreement was reached with chief Rocky Boy which established many new Ojibway Reservations. Largest one being Papago Reservation. Below is an excerpt from a September 1914 newspaper article. Read it carefully! There was "Reports of War" that American leaders took seriously. They needed to carefully negotiate with chief Rocky Boy. They knew chief Rocky Boy had power to send his Ojibway Soldiers to war or keep them out of war. Mexico's Civil War was at issue. Not Europe!

Total land area of Quinault Reservation is 223,999.36 acres or 350.0 sq. mi. or 906.5 sq. km. Quinault Reservation is home to Ojibway's (that includes Salish and Chinook People - Salish are an admixture of Ojibway and Chinese), Chinese and Filipino People. You can tell Chinese People were living in west North America long before Europeans invaded. Chinese style hats were common. Though nearly all of Quinault Reservations land was allotted, little could be done to exploit it. Quinault Reservations population according to last census, is 1,074. Their population has increased little in over 170 years. These people will not accept being Ojibway. They are brainwashed as a result of the Residental School system which forced them to conceal their true tribal identity!


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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