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Rocky Boy Reservation

You are being lied to by whites. Below are maps that can help you learn about this old conspiracy and links to google earth photos of Box Elder and demographics of this Ojibway Reservation. Rocky Boy West is their largest community. What is now Rocky Boy Reservation, is really Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation. It was created for chief Little Bear who was in an alliance with whites. He told whites in Lewistown, Montana in December 1913, that he was in alliance with American Soldiers during 1876-1877's War in Montana. Land east of where Marias River and Missouri River merge, north to the Canadian border, was land ceded by chief Little Bear in 1873, if authentic Ojibway leaders gave their permission to it. Land north and west of Missouri River where it merges with Marias River including land adjacent to Great Falls (it includes Giant Springs and the canal south of it) remains an Ojibway Reservation. It follows Missouri River to a location just north of Helena, then extends west to Flathead Reservation. Chief Little Bear was an authentic Ojibway leader yet he sided with whites. The photograph below is of chief Little Bear wearing his medallion he received from the United States. It proves he sided with whites. After American leaders signed the 1873 Treaty with chief Little Bear in which he ceded land and was set aside an Ojibway Reservation covering a land area of 1,100 sq. mi. or 2,850 sq. km. per treaty agreements he allowed Americans to establish an American Military Fort within his Reservation. Fort Assiniboine Military Fort commenced as a camp around 1873. Chief Little Shell III was also photographed wearing a medallion he received from the United States. He also sided with whites. Nearly everything written about both chief Little Bear and chief Little Shell III, are lies!

They were not suppose to establish white settlements in this area including Black Eagle and westside of Great Falls. They could not hold a sundance at Great Falls fairgrounds in 1894 because it was located within an Ojibway Reservation. By 1890, large numbers of white settlers were invading Montana and demanding Reservation land. Their demand for Reservation land was so degrading, American leaders forced chief Little Bear to cede most of his Reservation. He was a loyal American ally yet they didn't care. His Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation was reduced to 220,000 acres from over 700,000 acres, on October 9, 1891. After 1891's land cession, Havre was no longer in chief Little Bears Reserrvation. He continued his friendship with whites however. In 1916, they forced chief Little Bear to cede most of what remained of his Reservation. From 220,000 acres, his Reservation was reduced to 56,050 acres. And continued his friendship with whites. In 1919 or 1920, chief Little Bear met with his old friend General Pershing, who he helped round up 1,000's of Ojibway People living within their Reservation near Great Falls, to be forcefully relocated. In 1934, American leaders were conspiring again to relocate chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects who continued to live together in locations from Helena to Augusta to Dupuyer to Great Falls. They purchased land to make a land addition to Rocky Boy Reservation (by 1934 it was known as Rocky Boy's Reservation) and also Fort Belknap Reservation. They also set aside a small Ojibway Reservation adjacent to Great Falls. So Rocky Boy's Reservation is, in fact, one of chief Rocky Boy's many Reservations and Reserves.

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Box Elder Road View

Demographics of Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation

Land Area: 171.4 sq. mi. 444.0 sq. km.

Population: 3,323 (2010 census)

Language: Corrupted


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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