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Umatilla Reservation

Located in northeastern Oregon State, is Umatilla Reservation. It was created June 9, 1855. Below are maps of Original Umatilla Reservation and Umatilla Reservation after October 17, 1888's Treaty. After a series of wars were fought in the Idaho, Oregon, and Washington region from 1847 to 1859, a peace treaty was signed and a fragile peace commenced. In June of 1855, Americans supposedly signed two treaties with several Sahaptian Tribes Ojibway People subjugated, in which they ceded to the United States over 20 million acres of land and were set aside Reservations in Oregon and Washington States. Supposedly the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla ceded 6.4 million acres to the United States when the 1855 treaty was signed. And supposedly the United States set aside a 510,000 acre Reservation for the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla with the 1855 treaty agreements. The United States quickly learned Ojibway leaders refused to recognize that treaty and the 1855-1858 war followed. Afterwards, the United States did set aside a huge Ojibway Reservation in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington for Ojibway People and their Indian allies. Peace lasted until 1876. American leaders sent their soldiers to Montana to launch military campaigns against Ojibway People who continued to honor treaty that set aside their vast Reservation located in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. 1876-1877's War spead to Idaho in 1877. By 1878, this war had expanded to northeast Oregon and Umatilla People or Reservation was involved, as was Fort Hall Reservation. Towards end of 1878, war in northeast Oregon and Idaho had stopped. Many Ojibway People and their allies, were sent to Yakima Reservation. Many returned to Fort Hall Reservation where 1876-1877's War had spread to in 1878. As mentioned, it also spread to Umatilla Reservation. However, the fighting wasn't as serious as in Montana and at Nez Perce Reservation. Umatilla Reservation was established to be home for Ojibway People and their Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla allies. And this one in Oregon covers 271 sq. mi. or 173,440 acres but, as mentioned, it originally covered 510,000 acres. Whites own 48% of this Reservation. Acts of August 5, 1882, March 6, 1885 and October 17, 1888 allotted 82,742 acres to 1,118 citizens of Umatilla Reservation. Another 980 acres was reserved for Reservation purposes. On December 4, 1888 American leaders again resorted to infidelity and stole most of Umatilla Reservation after they approved October 17, 1888's act. Acts of July 1, 1902 and March 2, 1917, allotted more land to chief Rocky Boy's landless Ojibway Subjects.. Umatilla Reservation was not opened to white settlement. Many citizens of Umatilla Reservation sold their land allotments to whites. Often while threatened or done so illegally.

Umatilla Reservation of Oregon State

Land Area: 271 sq. mi. or 701.9 sq. km.
Population: 2,927
Indian: 1,427
White: 1,377
Black: 4
Asian: 29
Mixed: 89
Hispanic: 62 - Hispanic population is corrupted as usual. Mexicans are predominantly descended from the Native Americans who lived in the eastern part of the United States. The whites have forced them to lose their tribal identities.

Language: Corrupted


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