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Garden River Reservation of Ontario

After 1849's Mica Incident in Ontario, England reluctantly agreed to set aside large Reservations for Ojibway People living between Lake Superior and Lake Huron's east and north coast. Below is a map of Garden River Reservation, links to google earth photos of French Bay and demographics of Garden River Reservation or in Ojibway "Kit-i-gan Sip-pi Ish-kon-i-gan." On September 9, 1850, Robinson-Huron Treaty was signed between Ojibway Nation and England. Nearly all land involved is non agriculture land. That was known of by both Ojibway leaders and English leaders. Garden River Reservation is made up of 4 groups of Ojibway's. They are from chief Shing-wa-kos, chief Ke-o-kos, chief Po-ne-ke-osh and chief Ne-be-nai-goo-ching. They represent Garden River, Thessalon, Mississagi and Batchewana. Both Ojibway leaders and English leaders knew 1 league represented 3 miles. After this treaty was signed, England resorted to deception. They told Ojibway leaders it was really 1 mile. They lied. Each group of Ojibway's was set aside their specific district. This policy was continued by Canada during 1870's numbered treaties. Instead of 4 miles or 6.4 kilometers, it's really 12 miles or 19.3 kilometers. Instead of 10 miles or 16.1 kilometers, it's really 30 miles or 48.3 kilometers. In Mississagi's case, it can be debated their district is much larger. English leaders wrote "land between Blind River and Mississauga River up to first rapids" is Mississagi District. It's easy to decipher Batchewana's District, Garden River's District and Thessalon District. Chief Keokos was set aside a 144 sq. mi. or 4 Townships or 373.0 sq. km. District or 12 miles by 12 miles or 31.1 km. by 31.1 km. Chief Ponekeosh left his District (Mississagi District) after he learned he was lied to. Many Ojibway's followed chief Ponekeosh north than northwest, into northwestern Ontario and northern Manitoba. Most Ojibway's followed prophesy and migrated away after they learned of white lies!

French Bay From Road

French Bay From Road

French Bay From Road

French Bay From Road

French Bay From Road

French Bay From Road

Demographics of Garden River Ojibway Reservation

Land Area: 1,250 sq. mi. or 3,237.5 sq. km. (estimate)

Population: 2,452 (2016 census)

Language: Ojibway


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