Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Couchiching First Nation

This band of Ojibway Indians live in far western northwestern Ontario, near the border of Minnesota. Their tribal history probably involved many Anishinabek from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin fleeing to their land seeking asylum in the 19th century. Their ancestors signed Treaty 3 with Canada under chief Yellow Quills leadership. White leaders allowed many of the whites, Eskimos and mixed bloods from Red River Colony to colonize this Reserve. It led to friction with Ojibway people from Rainy Lake 18C who were connected to their Reserve. In response to the settlers from Red River Colony being allowed to colonize their Reserve, they sold off some of their western land to separate from Couchiching. Treaty 3 was signed on October 3, 1873. By signing Treaty 3, Saulteaux leaders agreed to both Treaty 1 and Treaty 2. Violence was avoided. Red River Colony was allowed to become independent. The on-Reserve population of the Ojibway Treaty 3 community of Couchiching or First Nation, is 810 according to 2016's census. Their Reserve covers 65.04 sq. km. or 25.1 sq. mi. Couching is located adjacent to Fort Frances, Ontario which is a white city. Couchiching has to be relocated.

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