Lake St. Martin First Nation

This Ojibway Kasba Reservation community is located along shores of Lake St. Martin, in Manitoba. The population is 0 according to 2016's census. In 2011, floods hit Manitoba including Lake St. Martin First Nation region. Canada claimed they diverted Assiniboine River's water, to Lake St. Martin, to avoid flooding at Winnipeg. It led to an evacuation of nearly all people living at Lake St. Martin. Nearlly all were relocated to Winnipeg until a new location was provided to build a new Lake St. Martin town. That commenced in 2016 and contines. They probably lied about diverting Assiniboine Rivers water. There may be a process going on now, in which a new Great Lake is being created in south central Manitoba. There is evidence that those lakes are expanding. Their new location for Lake St. Martin may not be so good. They should move further north to avoid more flooding. They know what's going on. They (Ojibway leaders) have to monitor those lakes.

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