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Blackfoot Indians

They have been brainwashed by whites. However, most Blackfoot People today know they originally lived back east near Lake Superior. What they don't know is they were living in Alberta, Montana and Wyoming in 1492. They need to read Seven Fires Prophecy to learn how they reached Lake Superior then retreated back to Alberta and Montana. They are Ojibway. According to historians, Blackfoot Confederacy was made up of five tribes. They were Sarcee or Tsuu T'ina, Gros Ventre, Siksika, Kainai and Peigan. All are Ojibway. According to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, a force of Ojibway's was sent to James Bay and Hudson Bay then to Beaufort Sea. They gave rise to Cree People and Chipewyan, Dogrib and Copper Indians. We can trace Cree People who are Ojibway, to land adjacent to and east of Lake Superior. They lived between Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Nipissing. They are also known as Amikwa which means "Beaver" in Ojibway. Correct name for Cree People is "Beaver Indians." They are also known as Nez Perce. They are a small Ojibway Tribe with a few Reserves in Alberta and British Columbia. Sekani People speak same language as Beaver People. Sarcee or Tsuu T'ina People, are from Sekani People.

After reaching Hudson Bay, war commenced between Ojibway's and Eskimos who were brought to North America by Russians in 17th century. This war intensified after England established forts around Hudson Bay. Ojibway leaders should have only sent their military to Hudson Bay because one of their totems from their "Hunter Totem," became attracted to trading with whites. They were from Beaver Totem. They increasingly traded with whites and that caused civil strife. Instead of defending Indian land, they were overwhelmed by greed and selfishness. By 18th century, they were siding with Eskimos and whites and became mixed in race. Ojibway leaders responded by sending more Ojibway's to Hudson Bay. By 1741, they were in vicinity of York Fort (York Factory) and possibly Churchill (aka Prince of Wales Fort) and forcing their way further north. It forced "Beaver Indians" to stay very close to HBC Forts. Then a force of Beaver Indians with their Eskimo and white allies, forced their way to a location near Cumberland House, Saskatchewan and along Lake Winnipeg's west shores. They were preparing to establish forts along Saskatchewan River and extreme southern Manitoba. Another force of whites and their Eskimo allies, forced their way south from McKenzie River's Delta, to northern Alberta.

Ojibway Soldiers responded by forcing "Beaver Indians" futher west into Alberta then British Columbia. During War of 1812, they subjugated those whites and their "Beaver Indians" and Eskimo allies. They signed 1817's "Selkirk Treaty" with them and set aside a small colony for them along Assiniboine River and Red River, in Manitoba and North Dakota. Ojibway leaders later regretted doing that because American's established Fort Snelling in 1819. It was located where Minneapolis and St. Paul are located. It attracted some of Red River Colonies People to Fort Snelling. American's armed them and vicious war intensified between them and Ojibway's.

By early 19th century, most Ojibway People back east, were following prophecy and migrating west into Alberta and Montana and further west. However, most went southwest into northern Mexico. Many others went south to Florida then to Caribbean Islands then South America. Alberta and Montana was their prime location. Buffalo was why. Wars commenced in Montana between Ojibway's and American's who broke treaty agreements. On September 17, 1851 a vast Reservation known as Blackfeet Reservation was created. This September 17, 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty did not define boundaries. It created Reservations. Chief Rocky Boy never signed treaty ceding this Reservation nor did he ever surrender. It's boundary commenced where Musselshell River's mouth is and followed Missouri River to it's source in extreme southwest Montana. It then followed main range of Rocky Mountains (Bitterroot Mountains) southwest to Yellowstone Rivers source. It then followed Yellowstone River to Shield's River (aka Twenty Five Yard Creek) where it continued north to Musselshell River then back to Musselshell River's mouth. This vast Reservation yet exists. They have no proof it was ceded.

Vicious war commenced between Ojibway's and American's about this Reservation. As mentioned, chief Rocky Boy never ceded Reservation nor did his father. On October 17, 1855 another Reservation known as Blackfeet Reservation was set aside adjacent to 1851's Reservation. Chief Little Bear ceded this 1855 Reservation on July 5, 1873. A new Reservation was not created on July 5, 1873 except chief Little Bears "Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation." However, what are now Blackfeet Reservation and Fort Belknap Reservation, may have been created on July 5, 1873 or April 13, 1875, instead of May 1, 1888. Per treaty agreements chief Little Bear allowed American's to establish a fort within his Reservation which is known today as Rocky Boy's Reservation. Since American's supposedly set aside Blackfeet Reservation on May 1, 1888 we have to use that date as when Blackfeet Reservation was established. Several Reserves in Alberta were created after Treaty 7 was signed on September 22, 1877. They are Blood Reserve, Piikani Reserve, Siksika Reserve and Tsuu T'ina Reserve. Though Blackfoot People are Ojibway, they will never accept being Ojibway because they have been brainwashed. It's not their fault.

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