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Illini Indians

These Ojibway's lived in what is now Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Kentucky. After hearing that those people mentioned in prophecy had invaded, Ojibway leaders responded by sending large numbers of their soldiers and their families east, from a west location and southwest location. They took control of land from Missouri River to Atlantic Oceans Coastline. Determining which group of Ojibway's Illini Indians came from is a bit difficult. However, since their territory was located south of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan we can be almost positive they were from those Ojibway's that came up from a southwest locations. Illini Indians were not only Ojibway yet also from unknown tribes native to Illinois. Ojibway Soldiers brought them and their capital of Cahokia under their control. This may have happened before they brought Michigan under their control. Ojibway's had great difficulties with Illini Indians. It culminated after whites hired an Illini person or persons, to kill chief Pontiac or in Ojibway Language, Bwaan-di-ag. Ojibway leaders became enraged after Illini Indians killed Bwaan-di-ag. They nearly exterminated them. Miami Indians are also Illini. However, they were spared even though they did on occasions side with whites. Only a few Ilini Indians remain. They live mainly in Oklahoma.

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