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James Smith First Nation

Located just north of Kinistino, Saskatchewan, is James Smith First Nation which is within Duck Lake Ojibway Reserve. Historically, the son of Ojibway chief John Smith (aka chief Peguis - he established Muskoday First Nation), who was James Smith of course, signed treaty six in 1876, which established this First Nation. James Smith was one of six sons of chief John Smith who led many Ojibway's to southeastern Saskatchewan, from Montana. Historians claim they originally lived near Winnipeg, Manitoba. St. Peters Reserve was located a few miles northeast of Winnipeg, near Selkirk. Total on-Reserve population according to 2016's census, is 1,060. Chief John Smith was chief Peguis. We know chief Peguis had his nose cut in a fight around 1802 or 1803. His younger brother John Tanner wrote about the incident. He claimed an Ojibway leader named Tabushish helped his son who was assaulting a woman that chief Peguis was trying to help. Tabushish pulled out a knife and cut chief John Smiths nose. According to John Tanner, Tabushish bit chief John Smiths nose off. Then chief John Smith bit chief Bagwais (chief Peguis) nose off. He didn't make sense! Chief Bagwais was chief Peguis. Chief John Smith was a mixed blood who was raised by his Ojibway mother. When he was about 15, he joined two Ojibway men and forced their way to John Tanners home near Cincinatti and abducted his younger brother John Tanner. This happened around 1789 or 1790. John Tanner was ashamed of his Ojibway blood. His brother chief Peguis became an important Ojibway leader. He eventually migrated to Montana where he lived most of his life. He lived where Blackfeet Reservation is. He eventually returned east around 1876. He settled where Muskoday is located then moved to Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota. He died in 1922, at 148 years old. He was born in 1774. He still had all his hair. Photos of John Smith clearly show a disfigured nose. He was a murderer. He didn't like being called "Cut Nose." On one ocassion after being called "Cut Nose," he killed the Ojibway man who called him "Cut Nose." He could get away with it because of his leadership.


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