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Chapleau First Nation

This Ojibway Indians settlement is located 3.0 miles south of Chapleau, Ontario. Below are links to a google earth map of their Reserve and satellite image of their town. In 1905, Treaty 9 commissioners reported that Ojibway People from around Chapleau, did not need to sign Treaty 9 because they belonged to Ojibway's from Moose Factory and English River, who had signed Treaty 9 which is an indication of a cover-up. They are actually signatories to 1850's Robinsin-Superior Treaty which created three Reserves. One is Fort William Reserve. Another is Nipigon Reserve. A third is Michipicoten Reserve. Canada refused to agree to accept their part of 1850's agreement. Ojibway leaders gathered many of their people and left Michipicoten Reserve because they had no choice. According to 2016's census, Chapleau 74A Ojibway First Nation has a population of 21. Their population is decreasing. They have a total of 11 housing units or dwelling places, with 8 lived in. Canada is trying to assimilate them.

Map of Chapleau 74A Reserve

Satellite Image of Chapleau 74A Town


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