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Lake of the Woods Ojibway Reserve

Chief Yellow Quill and his sub-chiefs, were determined to reach an agreeable treaty with Canada, after chief Yellow Quill stationed Ojibway Soldiers near Portage la Prairie to prevent whites from Red River Colony led by Louis Riel, from expanding west. Below is a map of Lake of the Woods Ojibway Reserve, links to google earth photos of Crow Lake and demographics of Lake of the Woods Ojibway Reserve. If you don't know much about certain Ojibway First Nations, i advise you to bookmark this page! It can be useful! Rat Portage Agency managed these following Ojibway communities which means there's one Reserve: Assabaska (aka Big Grassy River); Big Island; Buffalo Bay; Islington (aka Wabaseemoong); Northwest Angle No 33; Northwest Angle No 34; Northwest Angle No 37; Rat Portage; Shoal Lake and Whitefish Bay. We are going to exclude Buffalo Bay (aka Buffalo Point) because they are troublemakers! Though this Ojibway Reserve should be named after it's agency (Rat Portage Agency), we are naming it Lake of the Woods Ojibway Reserve. After chief Yellow Quill Stationed Ojibway Soldiers on Red River Colonies west, it led to negotiations between Ojibway Nation and Canada. At issue was Red River Colony and all of Southern Manitoba and extreme western northwest Ontario. Ojibway leaders wanted land whites didn't, in exchange for allowing Red River Colony to become a part of Canada, land cessions and the creations of large Ojibway Reserves. One of them is Lake of the Woods Ojibway Reserve. Treaty 3 was negotiated and became official on October 3, 1873. The two other Ojibway Reserves created after Treaty 3 became official on October 3, 1873, are Couchiching Ojibway Reserve and Savanne Ojibway Reserve. All three Ojibway Reserves are rather large yet have small populations. Their populations are small because many have moved to white communities and after Treaty 3 became offical, Ojibway leaders later learned they were lied to. Many Ojibway's followed prophesy and migrated northwest.

Crow Lake From Road

Crow Lake From Road

Crow Lake From Road

Crow Lake From Road

Crow Lake From Road

Crow Lake From Road

Lake of the Woods Ojibway Reserve Communities

Assabaska (aka Big Grassy River, Onigaming and Sabaskong)
Big Island (aka Big Island Mainland, Naongashiing and Saugagawsing)
Islington (aka Swan Lake 39, Wabaseemoong and Whitedog)
Northwest Angle 33 (aka Northwest Angle 33B)
Northwest Angle 37 (aka Animakee Wa Zhing 37, Lake of the Woods 37 and Northwest Angle 34)
Rat Portage (aka Kenora 38B, Obashkaandagaang, The Dalles or Dalles and Ochiichagwe'Babigo'ining and Niisachewaan, Washagamis Bay and Wazhusk Onigum)
Shoal Lake (aka Indian Bay, Iskatewizaagegan, Shoal Lake 34B2 and Shoal Lake 40)
Whitefish Bay (aka Naotkamegwanning, Whitefish Bay 32A and Whitefish Bay 33A)

Demographics of Lake of the Woods Ojibway Reserve

Land Area: 3,000 sq. mi. or 7,769.9 sq. km. (estimate)

Population: 3,741

Language: Ojibway


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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