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Savanne Ojibway Reserve of Ontario

Treaty 3 was signed on October 3, 1873 between Ojibway Nation and Canada, dealing with Ojibway land in Northwest Ontario and a small part of southeast Manitoba. Below is a map of Savanne Reserve, links to google earth satellite images of Savanne Reserve communities and demographics of this Ojibway Reserve. In 1868-1869, chief Yellow Quill stationed many Ojibway Soldiers at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba to prevent whites, Eskimos and mixed bloods from expanding west from Red River Colony which was controlled by Ojibway Soldiers. Chief Yellow Quill wanted fair treaty agreements and large Ojibway Reserves, in exchange for allowing Red River Colony becoming a part of Canada. Thus, Treaty 1, Treaty 2 and Treaty 3. Large Ojibway Reserves were set aside with each treaty signing. In northwest Ontario, 3 large Ojibway Reserves were set aside including Couchiching, Rat Portage (aka Lake of the Woods Reserve) and Savanne. Each Reserve is named after an "Agency" that managed each Reserve. Savanne Agency managed 9 Ojibway Bands including Eagle Lake, Grassy Narrows, Lac des Mille Lacs (they were considered 2 bands), Lac la Croix, Lac Suel, Kawawiagamok (aka Sturgeon Lake 24C Reserve - I'm not certain), Wabigoon and Wabuskang. I included Lac la Croix (aka Neguaguon) because it's in or adjacent to Quetico Park. Lac la Croix was managed by Rat Portage Agency! For some reason, Canada included Grassy Narrows and Wabuskang within Savanne Agency even though both are closer to Couchiching and Rat Portage. Agriculture land was probably why! It was reported in 1900, that nearly all were pagans. Savanne Reserve was bothersome to Canadian leaders because it's land is not suited to agriculture. It's a land with many large and small lakes, forests and wetlands. Ojibway People of Savanne Reserve, were more prone to continue living as their ancestors did. A series of illegal (Canada did not consult with Ojibway leaders) land cessions happened which illegally stole land from Savanne Reserve.

Canada targeted Kawawiagamok Ojibway's for removal, to establish Quetico Provincial Park. Actually it was Ontario that included Kawawiagamok Ojibway's within Quetico Provincial Park in 1909 or same year chief Rocky Boy and 1,000's of his Ojibway Subjects, were forced to relocate to many locations. One is obviously Savanne Reserve. It was Ontario that enforced it which means it's illegal. By 1910, Provincial Rangers were patrolling Quetico Provincial Park and forcing Kawawiagamok and Lac Suel Ojibway's out. It was illegal. However, we know what really happened. Chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects were set aside Quetico Provincial Park in 1913 by Canada. Quetico Provincial Park is actually a part of Savanne Ojibway Reserve. Both Ojibway leaders and Canadian leaders wanted the land left alone. Savanne Reserve was hit hard by illegal Canadian actions yet we claim all of Savanne Reserve is genuine! Savanne Reserve is one of chief Rocky Boy's many Reservations and Reserves. Between 1910 and 1914, white leaders had to deal with chief Rocky Boy because of Mexico's Civil War. It was reported in the press, that chief Rocky Boy was negotiating with Secretary of the Interior Lane about securing land for chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects. Chief Rocky Boy promised to stay out of the European conflict. It was really Mexico's Civil War! Chief Rocky Boy was set aside many Reserves in Canada, some Carribean Islands and South America.

Satellite Image of Eagle Lake

Satellite Image of Frenchman's Head

Satellite Image of Grassy Narrows

Satellite Image of Lac la Croix

Satellite Image of Lac Seul

Satellite Image of Savanne

Satellite Image of South Lac Seul

Satellite Image of Wabigoon Lake

Satellite Image of Wabuskang

Demographics of Savanne Reserve

Land Area: 10,000 sq. mi. or 25,900 sq. km. (estimate)

Population: 2,291

Language: Ojibway


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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