Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Wakashan Indians

About 1,000 years ago, an Anishinabe man or woman prophet, became widely known among the Anishinabek, and it eventually had an impact on the Wakashan Indians and their history, of the Pacific Northwest. The prophet foretold of events which would occur in the future and among the Anishinabek, especially their leaders, including mide priest, the predictions were taken very seriously. They quickly followed the prophecy and sent their explorers westward in search of the turtle shaped island and the food that grew on water. They headed straight westward from the great lakes region, and discovered the Pacific Coast of Alaska, British Columbia, California, Oregon and Washington, and the Wakashan Tribe.

They eventually invaded that entire region, subjugating the native tribes who, are today referred to as being Wakashan Tribes. The Wakashan Tribal people are a mixture of Anishinabek and the native peoples who lived in that region before the Anishinabek invaded. They are considered to be related to Algonquians through language. They refer to the family as the Algonquian-Aakashan language. I will include the Wakashan Tribe who are obviously of Algonquian origins.

Nootkan tribes including the Makah, Nitinat, and Nootka. They lived in northwestern Washington State and continue to do so.

Kwakiutlan tribes, both northern and southern. They lived in British Columbia and continue to do so.

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