Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Atikamekshing First Nation

This Ojibway community is located a few miles north of Lake Huron. During 1850's Robinson-Huron Treaty, whites made a deliberate mistake. Ojibway leaders considered one mile to be one league or three miles. This Ojibway Reserve is actually much larger. It is actually adjacent to another Ojibwa Reserve and Point Grondine Reserve. It is adjacent to Naughton, Ontario and almost adjacent to Sudbury. According to 2016's census, on-Reserve population of Atikamekshing First Nation of Ontario, is 386. They have 240 dwellings with 134 lived in. Average household size is 2.9 persons per household. Ojibway Language has died out there. Within their Reserve are small yet scenic mountains. This Reserve covers an area of land of about 1,500 sq. mi. or 3,885 sq. km.

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