Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Stoney First Nation

This Chippewa Reservation community is located in south-central Alberta, in the Rocky Mountains. It is a few miles northwest of Calgary. Some of the citizens are Nakoda. A small part of the Stoney Reserve (Bearspaw-Wesley) is located around 40 miles southwest of the O'Chiese-Sunchild Ojibwa's. It is 100 miles northwest of the main Reserve. Well north of the Calgary region. Quite suspicious if only because the small Reserve is located near the O'Chiese Ojibwa's. It's evidence that the Stony are in fact Ojibwa. It is connected to the Blackfeet Reservation of Montana. The population of the Stony is 3,494 according to the 2011 census. That does not include the Stony citizens who live in white communities. The Stony Assiniboine are Chippewa and non Algonquin. Read the Seven Fires Prophecy. Below are links to maps of the Reserves. The second one is near the O'Chiese-Sunchild Reserve.

Treaty 7

White historians are not being honest about the numbered treaty historically known as Treaty 7. Supposedly Treaty 6 was first carried out. That's according to white historians who insist Treaty 6 commenced in 1876. In the following year, Treaty 7 was negotiated. It don't make sense because Treaty 6 land is north of the land of Treaty 7 in Alberta. On August 21, 1877, chief Alexis took treaty (it was supposedly the one numbered 6) at Blackfoot Crossing which is located on the Chippewa's Siksika Reserve. Almost one month later on September 22, 1877, Treaty 7 was signed by The Blood Chippewa's, Kainai Chippewa's, Blackfoot Chippewa's, Stony Chippewa's, and the Sarcee (Tsuu T'ina) Chippewa's, also at Blackfoot Crossing which is located on the Chippewa's Siksika Reserve. The Sarcee are Athabascan or Dene. The Athabascan or Dene People including the Apache, Chipewyan, and Navajo, are Algonquin. According to the 1832 Edinburgh Encyclopedia the Athabascan or Dene, speak Algonquin. Click here to read the Edinburgh Encyclopedia. We have to include the Montana Reserve which includes the Ermineskin, Louis Bull, Montana, Paul, and Samson as being signatories to Treaty 7 because of chief Alexis who was also known as Bobtail. He signed the August 22, 1877 Treaty at Blackfoot Crossing. He really signed Treaty 7 and not Treaty 6. It also means the O'Chiese-Sunchild are a part of Treaty 7. It also means Canada is covering up a very large Reserve which is connected to the Little Shell Chippewa's Blackfeet Reservation. It covers much of the western part of southern Alberta. We can't include the Alexander and Alexis even though they are a few miles from Paul. History proves the Paul are related to the Montana Reserve.

The Little Shell Chippewa Indians Blackfeet Reservation

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